Train plus car sharing with Italo and car2go

Train plus car sharing with Italo and car2go

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Antonello Perricone president of Nuovo Trasporti Viaggiatori (left) and Gianni Martino, country manager of car2go

Train more car sharing is the novelty after the train plus bike, which still remains, in the panorama of sustainable urban mobility. If the train is low impact, the car sharing needless to say. Get together why not? Italo from NTV and car2go, the service of car sharing of Daimler AG active in Italy in Milan and by Easter also in Rome. Today, Wednesday 19 February, the agreement is officially signed.

How does it work? Let's say 'train more car sharing'But we could also say the other way around'car sharing more train ': the agreement between NTV and car2go provides that Italo passengers have discounts on smartphones (of car2go of course), and those who travel to the city with shared cars (but only of car2go) have the same advantages if they travel with Italo. Two complementary services for sustainable mobility and a leap towards the sharing economy.

Members of the Italo Più loyalty program, which today reach 400,000, can: until April 30, register for free online for the car sharing Car2go (which normally costs 19 euros and involves collecting the card in Porta Ticinese in the case of Milan) and take advantage of a free 45-minute bonus for using the service; from 1 May, get a 10 euro discount for registering at car sharing and 45 minutes by car for free. Just show your Italo Più card at the car2go registration points.

Customers of the car sharing car2go, today around 60 thousand, can: until April 30, have a 15 euro voucher to travel on all Italo routes with the Basic or Economy commercial offers. Furthermore, those who have a Smart ticket can transform it into Smart XL (subject to availability). From May 1st, take advantage of a 15 euro voucher to use Italo along all routes with the Basic and Economy commercial offers.

Finally, what about the protagonists of this new Train Plus service car sharing? Italo of the Nuovo Trasporti Viagiatori company is, according to the Discovery Channel, one of the 5 wonders of the world of rail transport. Built by the Alstom company in the Savigliano and La Rochelle plants, it is designed to reach 350 km / h (in Italy the limit is 300 km / h).

Car2go was born in 2008 in Germany and after 6 years is active in 25 cities in 7 countries in Europe and North America. Customers who use this car sharing today there are 600 thousand (in continuous growth) and the vehicle fleet has reached 10 thousand cars, of which 1200 are electrically powered.

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