Plants to decorate your home with style

Plants to decorate your home with style

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Which are the bestplants to decorate home with style? Houseplants are a great way to furnish home investing little money. The natural beauty ofplantsit is a golden opportunity to add a touch of elegance to the rooms, in addition, the plants are perfect for any type of furniture, indeed, for every furniture there is the right plant.

Plants to decorate the house, the succulents
Based on the shape, succulents can be classified into three different types. Each classification is more or less suitable for a style of furniture. We have columnar, spherical and hanging succulents. In this regard, we refer you to the article  Succulents, choose them based on the decor ".


Plants to decorate the house - the photo gallery
Do you prefer hanging or centerpiece houseplants? Where are you going to put your houseplant? In this photo gallery you will find several ideas.

Plants to decorate the house, the flowers
Those who do not want to settle for succulents canfurnish homewithflowering plants. Specifically, we can grow at home:

  • violets
  • Poinsettias
  • Orchids
  • Begonias
  • Desert cactus
  • Amaryllids
  • Hyacinths
  • Hibiscus

Plants to decoratehome, the lily of peace
Spathiphyllum wallisii, better known as the Peace lily, spreads a pleasant scent and is famous for its beneficial effect on air quality. Many researches have confirmed that this, thanks to its properties, is able to purify the air by capturing the small gas particles present in closed environments. This houseplant is perfect for those short on time, in fact it does not require great care and offers a rich flowering.


Plants to decorate the house, the ivy
Seeing is too underestimated. Hedera helix, very easy to grow and extremely decorative thanks to its deep green foliage. It does not tolerate direct exposure to sunlight and also grows well in areas of the house where there is little light. The plant is extremely cheap, from nurseries you can also find it for a lower price of 5 euros.

Plants to decorate the house, the Voodoo Lily
It has a large tuber that does not need to be buried. In spring, it develops a large purple floral sword with yellow dots, later on it will sport exotic spotted palmate leaves. Its name is Sauromatum venosum, better known asvoodoo lily.

Plants to decorate the house, the little Buddha
Among the extravagances forfurnish homewith plants, we point out the Buddha Plant. It is called Jatropha padagrica and has been nicknamed the "buddha plant”For its characteristic shape with an enlarged trunk at the base. It is very decorative, with particular inflorescences with lobed leaves. To enhance it, it is best to keep it in a light-colored ceramic vase.


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