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Balcony irrigation kit

Balcony irrigation kit

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All plants need water, even those on your balcony, which is probably why you typed the words in the search engine << balcony irrigation kit>> or something similar. We give you two pieces of news immediately. The first is that you will find gods on the marketkit for irrigating plants on the balconyready to use, but these may not fully satisfy you. The second news is that you can build yourself abalcony irrigation kit100% respecting all your needs.

The best way toirrigate balcony plantsconsists in exploiting a drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation systems are particularly useful for plants on the balcony because they allow water to be dispensed only when and where it is needed, the water is administered in very small quantities so that, by eliminating any excess, not only will there be significant water savings, moreover it will not there will be annoying clutter or mud.

While in open ground crops any excess water would be absorbed by the soil without any consequence, in the case of terraces and balconies, the surpluses end up in the long run damaging the wall structures or pouring onto the lower floor, destroying good neighborly relations.

Remember, anybalcony irrigation kitit needs a tap to connect to, so remember to set up an additional tap where you will connect to the water supply.

Abalcony irrigation kitbased on the drip system, it consists of a main tube, a couple of fittings, some smaller tubes and drips, one for each plant.

-Purchase a 1/2 ″ section tube, this must be long enough to start from the tap and follow the path of the vessels, from the first to the last.
-Buy a cap, it will be used to cut off the path of the main tube just described.
-Purchase smaller 1/4 ″ tubes. They will need to be long enough to branch off from the main pipe to the plant to be watered.
- Pick and drip tray, each tube must end with a stake that fixes the tube to the ground and a drip capable of delivering water drop by drop.

If your balcony is very long or you have a spacious terrace, you may need a Tee fitting on the main pipe to plug a secondary pipe onto the fitting.

To program the irrigations, simply connect to thebalcony irrigation kitjust described a Timer with control unit.

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