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Efficient User Systems: all energy, no charges

Efficient User Systems: all energy, no charges

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THE Efficient User Systems allow an operator who installs a photovoltaic system on a customer's roof to sell the electricity produced directly to the latter. The novelty of the SEU consists in the fact that, instead of selling the photovoltaic system, a company in the solar sector can sell the kilowatt hours produced by that system. The regulatory mechanism was released in December 2013 by a resolution of the Energy Authority.

In the Efficient User Systems the photovoltaic system belongs to the company that installed it, even if it is on a roof that does not belong to it, which undertakes with a contract to sell the energy produced by the system to the customer for a certain period at an agreed price. Obviously, this is the economic spring, the price will be lower than what the customer would pay by purchasing electricity from the public network. An easily achievable lower price since the energy sold, being produced and consumed within the SEU, is exempt by law from network and system charges.

We talk about photovoltaics because it is the most immediate example (and perhaps it is also the application for which the SEUs were designed) but according to the i Efficient User Systems they can be powered by renewable (therefore also wind power) or high-efficiency cogeneration plants. The power of these systems, however, must not exceed 20 Mwe, they must be managed by a single producer and also directly connected to the consumption unit via a private connection. They must also be built within an area that is owned by the customer.

Luca Zingale, scientific director of Solarexpo, stressed at the last fair in Milan that the business models enabled by Efficient User Systems can be seen with great interest in Italy. In light of the excellent solar producibility and the high retail costs of electricity, the SEUs allow customers-end users to cut their bills and photovoltaic companies to build plants even without incentives. Zingale defined it as a more complex and challenging way of doing photovoltaics, but certainly viable and virtuous for the country system.

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