Sweets with strawberries

Sweets with strawberries

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THE cakes with strawberries they are a classic even if with these fruits you can make many preparations, especially desserts. Cakes, creams, puddings, desserts, jams… the recipes are so many and imaginative that we thought we'd make a list of them for you. But first some information on this delicious fruit.

Strawberries can be imported all year round and are also grown in greenhouses, but they are tastier in spring because the month of strawberries is May. From April to June, you can find the tastiest fruits with the best flavor, especially of national origin since there is an excellent production of strawberries in Italy.

Organic production guarantees the absence of pesticides that are harmful to health, so it is better to focus on this. We can safely say 'strawberries, good only if organic' and in Italy there is no shortage of organic cultivation of strawberries. In case, you can also grow strawberries on the balcony, even if the production is unlikely to be abundant.

Wild or wild strawberries, ancestors of the 'common strawberries', you must go and look for among the brambles from April in the plains to August around 1500 meters above sea level. The cultivated strawberry varieties have been so refined that the forest ones seem something else.

A classic with cream, refined with champagne… here are some special recipes of cakes with strawberries.

Strawberry tiramisu - recipe 1. With ladyfingers and cow mascarpone, a classic delicacy.

Strawberry tiramisu - recipe 2. A variant with robiola and goat yoghurt, fresh and light.

Chocolate cupkakes with cream and strawberries. Strawberry is a filling for 'ethical' sweets that do not contain animal fats.

Strawberry fondue. A delight of strawberries and chocolate.

Strawberry jam. The classic homemade jam with ripe fruits of May.

More information can be found here Easy to prepare strawberry recipes

Video: Strawberry Panna Cotta Recipe (July 2022).


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