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Saving energy in buildings: this is discussed at EOS

Saving energy in buildings: this is discussed at EOS

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It is interesting to see that EOS - Exposition of Sustainability, the Italian exhibition of environmental sustainability (the first dedicated to the carbon footprint) devotes ample space to solutions for save energy in buildings. It is no coincidence: the issue of pollution linked to energy consumption of buildings and tobuilding to low emissions it is among the most current.

ISPRA recently released data on greenhouse gas emissions in Italy, which in 2011 decreased overall by 2.3% compared to the previous year and by 5.8% compared to 1990. Very positive, if not were more: still in the period 1990-2011, says ISPRA, the emissions related to energy consumption of the sector residential and services increased by 9.7%. The growth is clearly linked to the increase in the number of homes (and related heating systems).

Here's why EOS (in the spaces at the Udine Fair from 17 to 19 May) focuses heavily on the latest solutions for save energy in buildings reducing waste, with innovations and proposals to build and live in a more sustainable way for the planet.

Sifting through the protagonists of Exposition of Sustainability we find SaDiLegno, builder of the eco-sustainable wooden house located in Val Pesarina (UD) and presented by PEFC International (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) as part of RIO + 20, as a real example of environmental and socio-economic sustainability.

The SaDiLegno building was built only with local Pefc certified woods, without other energy-intensive materials such as concrete and steel, and in recent years it has stored CO2: part of this gas was the subject in March 2013 of the first Italian contract for the sale of carbon credits from wood products.

To see in EOS also products for low consumption homes, such as System Generate, which integrates photovoltaics, green roofs and a cooling and cleaning system (the latter capable of increasing the energy yield of the solar system by over 6.5% on an annual basis) by placing them on the roof, and placing a system of rainwater collection and management.

On the subject of boilers and water heaters will be presented at EOS the water heaters a heat pump of Ekos, which produce domestic hot water with low energy consumption; while in terms of lighting, the hybrid between tubular skylight is led illumination which represents a conceptual evolution for lighting: efficiency and free natural lighting of tubulars Solarspot and LED light 24 hours a day.

For the problem of humidity in the walls a EOS will find Biodry, a small device for the natural and definitive drying of damp walls from capillary rising, which works without electricity, chemicals, magnetic fields and without resorting to invasive construction works.

If you are looking for a door with a low environmental impact, Bauxt presents to Exposition of Sustainability the design armored door Plank, protagonist of a project in tandem with the Ministry of the Environment for the evaluation ofcarbon footprint, with a view to minimizing CO2 produced in the life cycle of this product.

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