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How to make a potted pineapple plant

How to make a potted pineapple plant

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How to create a beautiful pineapple plant in pot? Succeeding is not difficult and indeed we say that it is an operation within everyone's reach, even without particular notions of gardening. You don't even need a lot of material: a pot about 20 centimeters in diameter, some soil, the composition of which we indicate below, and little else. What you need most of all is a nice pineapple fruit to plant.

Starting point for creating a pineapple plant in pot it is a fruit, which you can buy from the gardener, that is fresh, intact and with the crown of the tuft of leaves complete and firm. The first operation consists in cutting the tuft by removing about 1 centimeter of the underlying pulp.

Then the tuft with the pulp layer is placed in a pot with soil consisting of 50% peat and 50% sand, a soft substrate. The tuft must protrude from the ground and be well erect, while the underlying pulp must be completely buried with a little margin with respect to the edges of the vase. You do not need a large vase, as long as it has a diameter of a few centimeters larger than the base of our future pineapple plant.

At this point the roots are expected to sprout. To facilitate this phase it is useful to cover the pineapple plant with a plastic bag with holes and supported by a metal wire arch so that the plastic is not in contact with the plant. The plastic cover serves to create the best conditions of temperature and above all of humidity needed by the new one pineapple seedling to grow well.

The humidity around the pineapple plant it must always remain constant and in this regard it is necessary that waterings are not lacking and that they are abundant. After all these operations, arm yourself with a good dose of patience. Growth will not be immediate and to pineapple plant it will take at least a year before reaching 30-35 centimeters in height. At that point, after about a year, you will also see the first inflorescences of a beautiful purple color appear.

The pineapple is not the only plant that can be created starting from a fruit. In the same way as the one just described, you can also create a beautiful potted avocado plant. In the case of avocado, however, the starting point will not be the whole fruit, but only the large central seed to which the roots will be sprouted by placing in contact with water. For instructions you can read: how to make an avocado plant at home.

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