Hybrid Bentley, based on the Mulsanne flagship

Hybrid Bentley, based on the Mulsanne flagship

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Those who want a pure luxury car will soon be able to focus onBentley plug-in hybrid. The imminent Hybrid Bentley promises to offer uncompromising performance and efficiency: the style is that of the luxuriousBentleyand the savings are guaranteed by oneplug-in hybrid.

Technology plug-in hybrid in the luxury market it will debut with the flagship Bentley Mulsanne. This is the first modelplug-in hybridof the luxury brand Bentley. The car we are talking about is only the first but not the only one hybridof the luxury brand: toBentley hybrid Mulsannaa dedicated version of the brand new SUV will follow in 2017 Bentley.

There Hybrid Bentleywill be presented to the public on Sunday 20 April 1 on the occasion ofBeijing International Auto Show. When it comes to prestige cars, hybrid drive is destined to become popular. Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber, Bentley Motors President and Chief Executive Officer, commented: “Plug-in hybrid technology fully embodies Bentley's core values ​​of extraordinary luxury and smooth, blistering performance. The combination of our exceptional engines and electric technology can only firmly reconfirm both of our guiding principles, so we will gradually introduce these engines in all models in our range. By the end of the decade, 90% of our production will be available in a plug-in hybrid version. We are proud to lead this revolution in the luxury sector. "


It seems the first Hybrid Bentleywill offer a system capable of making a considerable energy improvement: we are talking about up to 25% more power, combined with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 70%. As stated, aboard the first Hybrid Bentleywhat stands out is the exceptional luxury that only the style Bentleycan afford: the preview photos of the stylistic details on board are proof of this.

The first Hybrid Bentleyas well as the other models Hybrid plug-inwhich will expand the range of engines of the British manufacturer, will be able to travel at least 50 km using only the energy supplied by the electric engine. The Bentley hybrid concept is based on the flagship of the Bentley range, the Mulsanne.The Mulsanne, with the hybrid variant, shows off an unprecedented line of refinement.


Bentley Hybrid and copper
Copper is the backbone of the future hybrid generation ofBentley:enriches both the exterior and the interior of the car. Copper details adorn the optical groups as well as the frame of the radiator grille is made important precisely by the copper. Looking at the car, near the rims, the brake calipers and design lines and copper badges stand out. The interior of the car is embellished with inserts and frames. The dashboard panels are briar and handmade. What is most striking on board theBentley are copper cross stitching on the spec's diamond quilted interior Mulliner Driving.


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