Eco Up Methane, prices and fittings

Eco Up Methane, prices and fittings

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The rangeVolkswagen Upoffers two alternative power supplies thanks to the Eco Up CNG and the E-Up with electric motor. L'Eco Up Methanehas a price that starts at 12,400 euros for the poorest set-up.

As for consumption, 79 grams of CO2 emissions from the power supply are a methane against 105 grams of CO2 per km traveled by the Volkswagen UP petrol. Translated in terms of kilometers traveled, with one kg ofmethane, theEco UpVolkswagen manages to travel 34.5 km.

Methane fueling is available on Volkswagen take versionsup!move up! and high up! with 68 HP engine (50kW) and three cylinders in line (also suitable for novice drivers). The change for the version Echo Up methaneit's just mechanical. Top speed is 168 km / h, and acceleration sees the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h covered in 15.8 seconds. The two tanks on board theEco Up Methanethey have a total capacity of 22 kg and allow a theoretical autonomy of about 280 km.

Eco Up Methane Price
The price of methane on the rangeVolkswagen Upstarts at € 12,400 for the basic set-up "take up! "up to € 15,500 (priceturnkey), top of the range equipment "high up! ".

Eco Up Methanewith equipmenttake up!
The access version istake up!, proposed topriceof 12,400 euros. The set-up includes, in addition to the airbags and power steering, the electronic stabilization control system Esp, the 14 "steel wheels with 165/70 R14 tires, the front electric windows, the radio with CD and Mp3 player plus multimedia connector Aux-In. There is no climate and central locking with remote control and the steering wheel is only adjustable in height.

Eco Up Methanewith move up!
Thepriceis 14,200 euros, the intermediate version Move Up! tomethaneis the one with the greatest difference on thepricecompared to the similar petrol, a good 2,700 euros more. The equipment adds to what is already present on thetake up!, the chrome finish on the headlights, the central locking with remote control, the manual climate control, the rev counter, the wheel trim with VW stud in metallic finish and white frame, part of the dashboard in pearl black, the external handles and the mirrors in the same color as the bodywork, the interior handles with chrome finish, the seat upholstery in "stukture" fabric, the driver's seat adjustable in height and with Easy Entry system on the three doors, the asymmetrically folding rear seat (40:60), the adjustable exterior mirrors and electrically heated, with the aspherical driver's side for better lateral visibility.

Eco Up Methanewith high up setting!
The top of the range comes with apriceof 15,250 euros. The difference compared to petrol is smaller, 2,250 euros more. With the high up! the aesthetic finishes grow hand in hand with on-board comfort. The alloy wheelsclassic6Jx16, the dashboard is in the body color, there is no shortage of fog lights, chrome side bumper strips, integrated navigation and on-board entertainment systemmaps + more, Bluetooth, sound pack, chrome mirrors and tinted rear windows. The steering wheel, as well as the gear knob are in eco-leather.

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