Portable photovoltaic: features, advantages and cost

Portable photovoltaic: features, advantages and cost

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Photovoltaics are becoming more and more widespread, unfortunately there are not always favorable conditions to facilitate their installation: such as the presence of shading. Fortunately, it is possible to install panels portable photovoltaics in order to allow the use of photovoltaic solar energy, overcoming the typical obstacles that arise in the construction of a system with greater power. Below you will find the features, cost and advantages of a portable photovoltaic.

Portable photovoltaic, features
Portable photovoltaics can be moved easily and are simple to install. A portable photovoltaic solar panel has a peak power of about 300W and the dimensions of about 1m by 1.60m: these parameters correspond to a single module of a system consisting of several modules, connected to each other and fixed to the roof of a building.
The installation of the portable photovoltaic it is also very easy the energy produced can be fed into the electrical system of the house with the simple electric cable: in the back there is a cable that can be connected to the nearest electric socket whenever you want to use the photovoltaic solar electricity.

Portable photovoltaic, foperation and use
The panel portable photovoltaic it works in the same way as a system with higher power, its peculiarity consists in the fact that it can be used as a household appliance, instead of consuming energy it produces it! However, the energy produced by a portable panel must always be consumed and cannot be fed into the grid when it exceeds the needs of the home: to an integrated inverter that ensures the electricity is fed into the grid. In this way, when there is an electrical consumption in the house, all the energy produced by the portable photovoltaic is consumed, significantly reducing the electricity bill.
Portable photovoltaic, costs and benefits
One panel portable photovoltaic it costs about 600 euros on average, which varies according to the accessories and devices supplied. With a peak power of about 300W, it can produce about 400kWh in a year, which corresponds to about 1/4 or 1/5 of the electricity consumption of an average family. The cost of photovoltaics is amortized in a very short time and its use involves a large saving on the bill which translates into about 30%, taking into account its natural drop in yield.

Portable photovoltaic, where to find it
There are no big names of companies that produce the panel portable photovoltaic; it is a product assembled by small artisan companies.
You can find it in the nearest electrical equipment distributor or in shopping centers

This product just described is not the only portable photovoltaic model available on the market, in the past we have already talked about the photovoltaic islands and the pyppy portable photovoltaic.

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