How to do spring cleaning

How to do spring cleaning

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Today we will see how to do spring cleaning applying a rational and well thought-out method, the "check list ". The spring cleaning are no longer what they used to be: once silverware was thrown out, the walls were painted and curtains and tapestries washed, today the spring cleaning consist in washing and sanitizing those parts of the house that are most neglected during the year. Our "check list" is based precisely on listing, with a pen and paper, all the areas of the house that need a cleaning thorough.

How to do the spring cleaning, suggestions

    • Arm yourself with pen and paper and list all the areas of the house (and garden) that need hygiene and manpower, usually the list includes:
      • driveways or garden paths
      • garage
      • internal and external walls
      • shelves
      • windows and fixtures
      • chandeliers
      • ceiling fan
      • shoe closet
      • baseboard

After completing the list, arm yourself with patience, natural detergents, put on a CD with good music ... only now can you start your spring cleaning!

To clean the walls of the house, make sure of the type of paint used to paint (is it washable?) And continue with the most appropriate method. The first thing to do is remove the dust with a special brush, apply a universal detergent and rinse. If necessary, arm yourself with putty and paint so as to fix any scratches or holes.

SuggestionDo not use a spray cleaner, this will only leave streaks on your walls. Better to apply a few drops of detergent in a bucket containing water, dip a clean cloth into it and rub. Rinsing should be done with a clean, damp cloth.

To clean the skirting boards you will need to use a microfiber cloth. Also in this case it is advisable to use a universal natural detergent. Remember to clean the baseboard after scrubbing the floors: floor scrubbing tends to leave dirt residues on the baseboards, so floors should be cleaned before and after!

During spring cleaningAnother sore point are the shelves (the surfaces of furniture, tables, refrigerators, walls, TVs, air conditioners ...). The shelves are often covered with doilies and various knick-knacks (sometimes even a little ugly!) Which, instead of embellishing the house, do nothing but accumulate dust. Remove all items from the shelves and clean thoroughly.

How to do spring cleaning, the garden
There are too many people who, in do the spring cleaning, they neglect the garden. First of all, remove all the dead plants, as they will not rise again on the third day, tidy up the flower beds and give the garden lamps a good clean. Take care of cleaning the driveways using a pressure washer (there are specialized companies that rent them for a few euros), this device will also be useful for cleaning the garage.

Oil or grease stains can be removed with cola or pepsi (bad drinks for health but excellent degreasers for spring cleaning), of course it will take a bit of elbow grease but the acidity of the coke helps remove encrusted oil and rust.

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