Solar thermal panel, which one to choose

Solar thermal panel, which one to choose

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The solar thermal panel, or solar collector, is a crucial component of a solar thermal system. The solar thermal panel it is composed in turn of a radiator / absorber, capable of capturing the heat of the sun's rays and transferring it to the water tank integrated into thesolar thermal system. A radiator / absorber is characterized by an excellent conduction capacity, in fact it is given by a conductive metal such as copper.

On the market there are several models of solar thermal panel, the two main categories that have already been widespread for several years, see a solar thermal panel top that can be glazed or uncovered, or a solar thermal panelvacuum packed.

A solar thermal panel glazed consists of a water or air storage tank and a panel covered with a glass that protects the internal radiator. The transparency of the glass allows the light to penetrate inside the panel where infrared rays are retained to facilitate the heating of the liquid connected to the water tank.

Of the solar rays incident on the glazed surface of thepanel solar thermal, only a small part is reflected, the remainder passes through the glass and is absorbed by a black picking plate; black is the most absorbent color and does not reflect light. The capturing plate, heating up, restores energy in the form of infrared radiation, with respect to which the glass behaves as if it were opaque, retaining the heat inside, which is why it is said that the operation of a solar thermal panel it is comparable to that seen in greenhouses.

THE thermal solar panels discovered are cheaper but on the other hand have a lower yield. The solar thermal panel, in this case, it consists of the glass-free radiator, so the water passes directly inside the pipes of the same panel. The water is heated directly by the sun's rays before being used.

Among the three types of solar thermal panel, the one with the best performance is the vacuum panel: the vacuum-packed glass tubes prevent the transfer and dispersion of heat, which is inevitable in solar thermal panel discovered and already present in solar thermal panel glazed (the opaque glass retains infrared rays but the greater degree of insulation of the vacuum thermal solar panels is sensitive).

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