Solar thermal, between prices and incentives

Solar thermal, between prices and incentives

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One plant solar thermal allows you to cut costs in your bill by acting on the heaviest item: that of heating. As opposed to a photovoltaic system, the solar thermal manages to maintain a production even at night.

Solar thermal, costs and investment recovery
How much does an implant cost solar thermal?
Prices for the installation of a system solar thermal depend on too many factors: capacity, chosen technology, manufacturer, installers and installation conditions. On average, it can be said that the purchase price of a plant solar thermal it pays for itself within 3-8 years. The plant solar thermal it has a life cycle that goes beyond 20 years in order to guarantee a long-term economic return.

Solar thermal, the incentives
With the tax deductions, the incentives concerning the solar thermal they are similar to those that can be accessed by those who decide to install a photovoltaic system; to the tax deductions is added the Thermal Account.

Who decides to install a system solar thermal can access tax deductions that cover up to 65 percent of the total expenditure over a period of 10 years. What does this type of incentive consist of? Here is a practical example: for his systemsolar thermal, Mr. Rossi has incurred an expense of 10,000 euros, so, thanks to the tax deductions, 6,500 euros will be returned to him in ten annual installments of 650 euros. The refund will take place in the form of a tax deduction; the request to access this form of incentives it can be made at the time of the tax return, by filling in the appropriate entries in the Single or 730 form.

As an alternative to tax deductions you can access the Thermal Account. In this case, the coverage of the expenditure is variable. On average the Thermal Account reaches 40 percent of the cost within 2 years. In this case theincentive it is administered in the form of a bank transfer.

Solar thermal, how does it work
In recent times, many installers have begun to propose thermodynamic technology which, thanks to a particular refrigerant fluid, is able to produce energy with good yields even at night, including when it rains.

A solar thermal system manages to transform solar radiation into heat thanks to a panel solar thermal said "solar collector ". To simplify, we reduce a solar thermal system to three main components associated with a tank: a collector, a coil and a heat transfer fluid. Sun rays incident on the glazed surface of the systemsolar thermal, only a small part is reflected, the remainder passes through the glass and is absorbed by a black picking plate (black is the most absorbing color and does not reflect light). The capturing plate, heating up, restores energy in the form of infrared radiation, with respect to which the glass behaves as if it were opaque, retaining the heat inside (the same mechanism as the greenhouse effect). In this way, the temperature of the primary carrier fluid tends to heat up. From that moment the liquid moves in the coil through three different mechanisms. The circulation of the liquid can be natural, as in the case of radiators; forced thanks to the help of circulators (hydraulic pumps that allow the transfer of the heat collected by the verter fluid to the coils); or emptying, a mechanism similar to forced circulation with the only difference that here the system fills up only when there is sun or if the tank has not reached the desired temperature. In other cases, the implant remains at rest.

The classic example of a solar thermal system that supplies domestic hot water is given by the solar boiler. Those with good dexterity can try building a DIY solar thermal system following the instructions provided in our guide article "do-it-yourself solar collector ".

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