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How to save diesel fuel

How to save diesel fuel

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In this article we will once again talk about energy saving and we will do it by seeinghow to save diesel fuel. The strategies forsave diesel fuelthey are similar to those seen to consume less petrol: it is true that the more you press the acceleration pedal, the more fuel is consumed, but it is also true that that pedal can be pressed in a much more intelligent way!

How to save diesel fuel, useful tips

  1. Maintenance: air filter and tires
    Carrying out the classic maintenance work on the car can guarantee savings in the long term (perhaps carrying out routine maintenance will avoid a serious breakdown!) And in the short term by reducing the fuel consumption. There are many factors that can affect fuel consumption, including the air filter. If the air filter is dirty the engine will be less efficient! Also always make sure you have tires inflated to the right pressure.
  2. Winter tires
    In summer it is strictly not recommended to drive with winter tires: these are designed to increase friction with the road surface and ensure excellent grip in the event of snow ... in summer, greater friction only means more consumption.
  3. Trunk, preferably empty!
    The load of the car has a great influence on fuel consumption so it is better to travel light. The roof rack also affects. A loaded roof rack leads to an additional 5% fuel consumption. Furthermore, by completely removing the roof rack (the axles), you cansavean additional 1% of diesel.
  4. Air conditioning yes or no?
    The air conditioning activity of your "climate" weighs on the fuel. Should you activate it or better avoid it? At high speeds it is much better to use the "climate" so that you do not drive with the windows down. The air entering the passenger compartment, at high speeds, could not only destabilize the vehicle but certainly causes greater consumption ofdiesel.

How to save diesel fuel, the driving style

  1. Avoid reckless driving, not only to avoid problems with the highway code but also to preserve the clutch, brakes, tires and save fuel.
  2. Avoid unnecessary movements of the steering wheel, each time the wheels are moving they cause a certain waste of energy.
  3. Avoid sudden braking, better slow down with gradual decelerations, this will ensure a highdiesel fuel savings.
  4. Always drive in the proper gear, with diesel car increase gear whenever the tachometer display reaches 2,000 rpm. In addition to the analog indicator, the new generation cars can count on a digital display that indicates exactly when to shift up.

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