Homemade candles, with natural ingredients

The homemade candles can undoubtedly exclude the use of paraffin, a very harmful substance for the environment! Although more expensive than paraffin, we can use beeswax, a natural ingredient that will ensure a much better result: a study conducted by R. Le homemade candles they are simple to make: you just need the right materials as well as the ingredients at the time of the procedure. In this regard, here are the instructions for making candles at home with natural ingredients.

Homemade candles, ingredients and necessary

  • 1 sheet of beeswax
  • wicks already waxed and equipped with a foot
  • Drops of natural essences to your liking
  • A wooden spoon
  • Stencils
  • Small pots: take the old ones and maybe you wanted to throw away

Homemade candles, method

  1. Before proceeding, prepare the molds and wicks already cut
  2. Put the beeswax sheet in a saucepan and melt it in a bain-marie, taking care not to let the wax boil. To prevent it from boiling, keep stirring and watch the wax carefully.
  3. As soon as you see that the wax melts, add a few drops of essential oil then remove it from the heat: if you want to give a touch of color you can also put some small wax crayons inside.
  4. Place the wicks in the center of the mold and pour the wax: first try to pour a few drops of wax on a saucer and see what nuance it takes on once solidified
  5. Let it cool for a few hours: if the candle is large, it is preferable to let it rest for a whole night before removing it from the mold.

If you have leftover wax from old candles, you can easily reuse it, just remove the wick

Useful information: to encourage solidification, it is recommended to keep the molds immersed in cold water or even in the freezer for a few moments.

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