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Mulching of the soil, materials

Mulching of the soil, materials

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There mulching the soil it is a necessary operation that must be done in winter if they want to protect our plants from the cold; both the plants in the vegetable garden and the garden plants planted in the open ground suffer from frosts. There mulching the soil it does not require particular cultural knowledge; consists of creating a cover on the ground with various materials. There mulching the soil it can be used for other functions such as inhibiting the proliferation of weeds or keeping the soil moist by limiting watering. But let's see in detail what are the materials to use for the mulching the soil.

Mulching of the soil, materials
The root system of plants is very delicate and must be protected with mulch in order to hinder the penetration of cold in depth. But what materials are used for mulching the soil? The materials that we can use are varied; plastic sheets are used in the gardens, in the garden we can use natural raw materials including pieces of bark, dry leaves, straw: over time they "blend" with the ground.


Mulching of the soil, the compost
Among the most used materials we find compost, which is obtained by mixing equal parts of good soil with manure: just let the mixture rest for a while and then apply it at the appropriate time around the collar of the plants.
It is also possible to make a further layer with the use of leaves, wanting to limit the permeability of water in the soil. There are some materials, such as coniferous bark, which tend to acidify the soil, therefore they are suitable for mulching raspberries, azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons.


Also in specialized shops it is possible to find materials for mulching the soil; other effective materials even if little used are chopped coconut fiber or colored glass stones: in this case they would have a double function since they would also be very decorative.

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