Does composting pollute?

Does composting pollute?

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It is well known, with thecompostingwe can take organic matter waste to transform it into food for the garden but it is easy to say that thecomposting does not pollute! Through a fermentation process, the organic component of the waste is converted into a stable portion called compost. The compost it is very similar to soil for gardening and is used in agriculture as a natural fertilizer.

Thecompostingdomestic is a safe and healthy practice for the environment. What could cause damage to the ecosystem is thecompostingindustrial because it does not always comply with all the standards necessary for environmental safety. The factors that influence the environmental impact of acomposting plantare closely related to the type of material that the plant will transform into compost and how the plant is managed.

In the practice ofcompostingthere are risks associated with the material to be transformed intocompost; sometimes materials could end up in the plant "contaminated ", an example of this are plant components with a high content of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

It must be said that thepollutionrelated tocompsotageit has a low impact on the environment and in particular contributes minimally to cases ofsoil pollution. In the home thecompostingcould to pollute the soil of the garden only if the landlord has previously used chemicals that are difficult to dispose of.

The classic example is given by the lawn: powerful herbicides are often used to block the growth of infested plants in order to obtain a perfect turf. Following the classic lawn mowing, if the landlord deposits the plant remains for the production ofcompost, will obtain compost contaminated with chemicals that are potentially harmful to the garden.

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