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How to protect pots from frost

How to protect pots from frost

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With the arrival of winter it is good protect the pots from frost to preserve plant health. But let's see in detail how to protect pots from frost.

Protect the pots from frost, directions
Unfortunately it is not always possible to place the pots in a cold greenhouse or in a sheltered place due to force majeure, in which case it is good to intervene directly on the container in such a way as to isolate it and therefore protect it from the cold.
An effective remedy is to wrap the pots in old rags, layers of newspapers or jute bags. Attention: before wrapping the pot inside the insulating material, the soil contained must also be protected by distributing a layer of bark or dry straw over it. Only then will it be possible to pack the entire jar with a protective sheet

Protect the pots from frost, the greenhouses
If the plants can be moved, it may be a good solution to put them inside a greenhouse: greenhouses of different types, sizes and price ranges can be purchased in shops specializing in gardening and DIY.
Very suitable for open spaces are greenhouses made up of metal scaffolding and resistant plastic sheets, with a solid and robust appearance. If you are practical enough with tools, these greenhouses can be built by yourself: just have plastic or metal supports and sheets and dedicate yourself to building a self-supporting structure. For further information click here. Alternatively you can make small greenhouses to "lean" on the walls of the house, they are cheap and simple to make. Furthermore, if the structure is leaning against the wall of a heated house, part of the internal heat will also be transmitted to the greenhouse, with obvious advantages for the plants.

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