The wood for the production of bicycles

The wood for the production of bicycles

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We often talk about super-light aluminum or carbon fiber frames, but what do you think of thewooden bike? Surely there are few enthusiasts who ride on handcrafted bikes made inwood,yet this material represents a light and valuable solution. Fromwoodit is possible to model coffee tables, furniture and why not, toobicycle frames.

The firstwooden bike,the velocipede, was invented in 1817 by Baron Karl von Drais; thewoodof this vehicle had been matched to brass and iron rings placed around the wheels. Overall, the firstwooden bike,weighed 22 kg. It was only in the second half of the nineteenth century that the metal replaced thewoodfor the production ofbicycles.

Thewooddiffers greatly from the other materials proposed for the manufacture ofbicycles. The collective imagination sees thewoodas a material too "heavy"for the production ofbicyclesit is also less durable than aluminum, steel or carbon. If we look at the niche market, there are producers ofbicycleshigh-end models offeringwooden bike. One of them is Renovo.


Renovo claims that thewooden framecan be lighter than a steel frame and when it comes to "rigidity", onewooden bikecan boast the same qualities as one made of carbon. Without a doubt, the strong point of thewoodis its ability to absorb blows, so thewoodbecomes a good material for making loomsbikefrom the street.


An example of "lightness"which dispels the cliché that sees thewoodtoo heavy a material to producebicycles, is given by the bike from Axalko street, this one wooden bikeAsh wood weighs only 6.5 kg and is strong and durable enough to absorb all the shocks and traction exerted by driving on the road. Another example is the Bambooclycle, with its weight of 8 kg.

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