Natural remedies for hair loss

Of the hair loss o of their weakening the cause must first be understood, or the causes that can be of various types and require specific care. However, the natural remedies against the hair loss based on lotions and herbal decoctions, some of which have been known for millennia and which are also mentioned in ancient recipe books. Often the active ingredients of these natural remedies are the same that are found in chemical and cosmetic preparations against hair loss produced by industries.

Between natural remedies against the hair loss the most recommended are lotions, or possibly decoctions, based on: burdock, birch, boxwood, capuchin grass, watercress, dandelion, walnut and nettle. A mixed lotion of these herbs considered very effective can be prepared with: 1 glass of watercress juice, 1 glass of alcohol at 90 °, 1 liqueur glass of birch juice and 1 glass of cappuccina juice. A chopped burdock leaf must also be macerated in the mixture. It can be done at home, but first you need to get an idea of ​​how herbs are used.

THE natural remedies against the hair loss Herbal based products are based on the ancient use and experimentation of these substances over the years, sometimes centuries if not millennia, and have no contraindications other than the correct preparation of lotions and the careful use of individual herbs. In the case of boxwood lotion, for example, keep in mind that this shrub contains in all its parts a formidable poison, buxina. It is true that the lotion should not be swallowed, but even for external use, a minimum amount must be used.

Between natural remedies more effective against the hair loss there is the burdock lotion, particularly effective for fighting seborrhea and therefore also the fall premature hair. Birch lotion is also excellent (bark decoction + a few drops of fresh sap) which protects the scalp by slowing down the hair loss and treats most skin diseases.

A natural remedy that ancient herbals indicate effective in combating 'men's baldness', therefore the hair loss at an advanced stage, it is the cappuccina lotion that is also prepared with the addition of other herbs according to the recipe indicated above. Cappuccina has more than other herbs the property of 'retaining the hair', Which probably depends on the high sulfur content.

Watercress, dandelion, walnut, and nettle are great natural remedies against the hair loss because they are also effective against most inflammations and skin diseases, such as dermatosis, acne and eczema. Speaking of the benefits of nettles, a herb with a thousand properties, it is said that the nettle lotion can stop the hair loss.

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