How to arrange the wood in the fireplace

How to arrange the wood in the fireplace: instructions for placing in the wood in the fireplace to quickly light the fire. Guide on the correct storage of wood in the garden.

Forarrange the firewood in the fireplaceit takes practice and experience. The wood must be arranged so that each log is spaced enough from the other to take in air but must be close enough to allow the flame to spread.

In the article entitledhow to light the fireplace, we have provided you with detailed instructions on how to start the fire with a wood arrangement that included an ignition module placed on a base of firewood. The ignition module is made up of thinner pieces of wood, with a diameter of about 3 cm that are placed on top of the firewood base and also transversely between the various logs.

In reality, we do not always have wood with a 3 cm section available and in our woodshed we find ourselves only with beech wood, excellent in terms of heat produced and yield but difficult to start if not in combination with other wood!

How to arrange the wood in the fireplace

To facilitate theplacing the wood in the fireplace there are gods on the market Iron wood burner.

The wood burner already constitutes our ignition module by itself and in fact makes our life easier. How to arrange the wood in the fireplace with a wood burner? At the base we put the start sections, ie the wood that burns faster, thinner twigs, start wood such as compressed sawdust logs, “devils” or sections of the Canadian log. Above, transversely, the firewood is placed.

For choose the wood for the fireplace we recommend reading our articlebest firewood.

How to light the fireplace quickly

For those who want to forge ahead and light the fireplace quickly and above all without running the risk that after a while it may go out, there is no lack of ad hoc solutions.

To facilitate the ignition of the fireplace, there aretrunkswith high combustion and which guarantee maintenance throughout the start-up phase of the fireplace. Among the products on the market, the most popular isCanadian Saratoga strain. Each log starts very quickly and guarantees a combustion lasting over two hours. It can be bought in storesBricofer, Leroy Merlin and in the Garden Centersmore specialized, where, generally, a pack of three logs can be bought with 10 euros, therefore at a price of 3.33 euros per log.

On Amazon, a pack of 12 Saratoga strains is offered at a price of 31 euros with free shipping, so around 2.58 euros per trunk. For all product information, please refer to the Amazon page "Canadian Saratoga strain “.

Tips for use:
it is not necessary to use a whole log every time you intend to access the fireplace! With a knife, make three servings from each stump that you can use asignition flameto place at the base of your firewood. By dividing the log into three parts, each portion will last approximately 40 minutes, the time needed to light and start your fireplace well and not let it go out with the classic "flash in the pan".

Materials that must never be burned

There are materials that should never be thrown into the fireplace or made to burn in other ways. Sometimes those who own a fireplace think they have a waste-to-energy plant at home: they turn on everything! Throw anything away in the fireplace without considering the toxicity associated with the combustion of certain materials.

It is clear that they should not be thrown intofireplacesor in wood stoves, plastic waste, packaging, rags or other waste material. Textile waste (curtains, old sweaters, pillow cases ...) are often made of synthetic fibers or / and enriched with chemical dyes. Any burnt waste can produce ecological damage (even of high entity) giving you a minimal advantage in terms of heat produced.

Some materials, albeit similar to wood, should absolutely not be placed infireplacenor in wood stoves. The wood from the dismantling of old furniture, various types of furniture, railway sleepers or boats, are impregnated with pollutants which, upon combustion, are released into the air, threatening the health of those who are locked in the room.

How to arrange wood in the garden

Equally important is the arrangement of firewood in the garden. The wood, before arriving in your fireplace, goes through different phases, from processing to seasoning. In this context, we refer you to our guides:

  • Storing firewood
  • How to split wood

In the photo above: my fireplace in marble and brick with a wood burner that houses beech and cypress wood. At the base, the ignition module now reduced to embers, was given by a single 2 cm disc of the Canadian stock and a few thinner twigs.

In the second photo, a seven-bar wood burner. In the third photo, the Canadian strain for starting and maintaining the flame.

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