Installation costs of photovoltaic panels

Installation costs of photovoltaic panels

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Installation costs of photovoltaic panels: how much does a photovoltaic system cost and how much the installation costs affect the investment. Here is a complete account of the expenses that revolve around a solar system: maintenance, installation, repair, purchase of modules, support structures and accessory elements.

In estimating the investment required to set up aphotovoltaic systemit is not necessary to consider only the price linked to the purchase of the modules. As seen in the articleHow much does photovoltaics cost, the prices of solar cells vary from 0.50 euros up to 0.77 euros perwp (peak watts). It is the peak watt that makes the price of thesolar cellsbecause it expresses the maximum power delivered by the photovoltaic module in optimal conditions such as irradiation of 1,000 W / m2, module temperature of 25 ° C and solar spectrum am 1.5. With the latest technologies, photovoltaic prices have been downsized on the one hand and increased on the other.

It is clear that the more the energy efficiency of photovoltaic panels increases, the higher the purchase price will be. Currently the photovoltaic modules with the highest costs are the heterojunction ones that reach ayield equal to 25.6% and are the novelty of the photovoltaic market at the end of 2016.

Other photovoltaic modules that require higher investment costs are solar modules with monocrystalline silicon technology with technology capable of achieving an average efficiency of 21%. The prices of photovoltaic cells are lowered for polycrystalline silicon (average yield of 16.7%) and amorphous silicon (average yield of 8.5%).

Costs related to the purchase of a photovoltaic system

Other costs to consider are those related to maintenance (cleaning and repair) but even before that, the costs for the purchase of the support structures, the inverter and any accumulator.

When it comes to photovoltaic modules, thebest brandsor rather, the most famous ones that seem to offer moreguaranteeson the product, are Solon, Beghelli, Sunpower, Conergy, for crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels, or Power-One products (now ABB), Conergy, SMA for photovoltaic inverters. The undisputed leader of the photovoltaic sector is the Panasonic that manages to offer photovoltaic modules with very high efficiency and with excellent guarantees. To learn more about the prices of a photovoltaic system with high efficiency Panasonic modules, you can read the articlehow much does a photovoltaic roof cost.

Support structures can represent an almost negligible expense if it is aphotovoltaic roofbut they can significantly affect the final cost if you had to choose supports withsolar tracker. A solar tracker greatly increases the initial investment but also yields with estimates of up to 40% more production than solar power.

According to the maintenance costs of the photovoltaic system, the suppliers offer a warranty plan that provides for the replacement of the modules. Despite this, it is always recommended to stipulate a maintenance plan with the installer who, at an agreed periodic frequency, will carry out inspections and will take care of the repair of any extra faults. Included in the price are thermography, inverter control and technical replacement of any faulty modules.

Installation costs of photovoltaic panels

As well as the expense related to the purchase of photovoltaic modules can swing a lot, even iinstallation costs of photovoltaic panelsmay vary.

In the expense of installation of a photovoltaic system planning costs must also be considered. According to various estimates, the design and installation of a photovoltaic system, together, make up 30% of the total cost of a small-sized system. Design and installation account for only 18% when it comes to large systems.

According to an analysis of the companyEnergyTrend, iinstallation costs of photovoltaic panelsthey are expected to drop by 15% by 2017. According to analysts, this further drop in costs will give a strong boost to the photovoltaic sector which appears to be stalled in many countries.

What affects the overall cost of purchasing, installing and commissioning a photovoltaic system?

  • 35% of the investment goes to cover the purchase of photovoltaic modules
  • 8% of the investment goes to cover the purchase cost of the inverter
  • 8% of the investment goes to cover the costs of purchasing the support structures
  • 16% of the investment goes to cover the cables and panels for installation
  • 33% of the expense is required to cover the costs of design and installation

These estimates refer to small-sized photovoltaic systems. Increasing the yield of the system increases the costs related to the purchase of solar modules and the inverter but significantly lower the costs of panels and cables as well as those of design and installation.

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