Cold dogs: some remedies

Cold dogs: some remedies

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Cold dogs, even if they have hair, in fact, it is not certain that our 4-legged friends are free from the winter sufferings that we humans know well too. Maybe they can stand the cold more than us, but it is our job as owners "for all seasons" to safeguard their health. Starting with ensuring adequate nutrition, which can change your life cold dogs, and from offering suitable shelter.

There are categories of cold dogs more than others, first of all we can make a general distinction by size. Those large animals tend to retain heat for longer than their smaller counterparts, because they have a greater body mass in isolating them from low temperatures. Conversely, very small dogs, or those with very short hair, or even hairless, are the cold dogs by definition and require a special, exclusive and essential treatment.

Special attention is also required for older dogs, for those with some ailments, and for strays who, given the perennial precarious conditions, are cold dogs without choice. All four legs of the categories mentioned, it is better not to sleep outdoors in the coldest months of the year, and if it is inevitable, we make sure that it is in a dry place without currents.

Cold dogs: remedies in the bowl

When temperatures are lower, the amount of calories burned rises to maintain an adequate body temperature. This happens to both humans and animals, including dogs, cold dogs primarily. One of the first and most important remedies against the cold is adequate nutrition. In practice it means selecting high quality foods rich in nutrients, fats and proteins.

It should always be done, in every season and not just for cold dogs, but in this case it is also a question of life and death, because a suffering and neglected animal can also die of frost. Alongside the food, a look also at the bowl of water which, if placed outdoors, can freeze. Let's change it often and use plastic containers: metal conducts cold more quickly.

Cold dogs: where to put them away

In winter, cold dogs absolutely need to be able to crouch in a dry and draft-free, to sleep or just to stop. The best thing would be that they were not outdoors, especially if they were sick or elderly, but if it is unavoidable, there are some precautions on outdoor dog kennels that must be respected without exceptions.

First of all the dimensions: that it is not too big, therefore difficult to heat, but just right for the size of the guest. Then place the shelter a few centimeters from the ground and not in contact: it can make a difference, of many degrees, of a lot of suffering. The entrance of the kennel facing in the opposite direction to that in which the wind blows or towards the least frosty area of the garden, and less humid is another option to look out for if we are hosting cold dogs in the garden, in the kennel.

We can also cover the floor with a wool blanket or old sweaters, or carpet. Straw also insulates, but it is not certain that i cold dogs are not allergic. In case of rain or particularly humid evenings, it can happen that the coating we have provided gets wet: do not wait for it to dry for days, let's change it immediately to return the heat earlier and to prevent it from rotting and emanating bad smell as well as poor hygiene conditions. Everything would be to the disadvantage of cold dogs who already have their winter sufferings.

Cold dogs: not just cuddles

In addition to cuddling and hugging the cold dogs, which never hurts, even for non-chilly people, brushing them regularly is very useful. This operation stimulates blood circulation and the renewal of the undercoat. Always for the care of the coat, it is necessary to be careful to dry it well, and to dry and clean also the paws and between the fingers from any ice crystals or snow, if the cold dogs unfortunately they got wet or dampened in the snow.

Without detracting from the needs of hygiene, canine and human, but during the winter we do not overdo it with the bathrooms: continuing to shower, shampoo and clean creates a harmful effect. Washing the hair together with the dirt also goes away the protective oils present on the skin putting the cold dogs at risk of dryness and flaking.

Cold dogs: other warnings

Among the various measures to ensure the worthy survival of cold dogs during the winter there are also those that will seem absurd to you, but they are not. Reading the chronicles of certain careless or unconscious masters, distracted or who knows, I prefer to mention. For example, the fact that it is not appropriate to leave the cold dogs unattended in the car: it is dangerous not only in summer but also in winter because the passenger compartment becomes a fridge. If not a freezer.

Even in the garage it is not a great idea, or in a place where they are stoves or heating systems which can be damaged or harmful. Let us remember that the dog does not know physics, electronics and engineering and with a bite or a paw he could get hurt, be electrocuted and even damage structures.

If we have cold dogs around the garden, before moving any cars that may be parked there, check that they are not hiding underneath. They do not play guard and thieves, but they look for warmth near the engine and do not know what they risk. Better take a look if we don't see them wagging their tails by our side.

Cold dogs: how to dress them

A coat, for the cold dogs? And who denies him! Indeed, today on the market there are for all tastes, for all breeds, for all styles of cold dogs and even vain. Or just vain who pretend cold dogs to wear one of the items I propose to you. In military style, like an adventurous animal, there is the camouflage coat Leorx, vest size, padded. It is also good in autumn, so sleeveless, in nylon and cotton, with a comfortable zip closure.

For those who like to be more sober, a “casual” black jacket that goes well with any coat i cold dogs have. LA Vogue proposes it, and it is undoubtedly a good line for warmth and sight.

The reversible coat, reversible in various sizes, is instead the best solution for cold dogs more spartan or pragmatic. The bright colors and great versatility of this garment are irresistible, and make even the most trembling animals withstand the cold.

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