Camellia cutting

Camellia cutting: the instructions for multiplying the camellia by cuttings. From cutting to repotting. The right time and growing tips.

There propagation for cutting of the camellia has a good chance of taking root. Choose a healthy, robust and resistant mother plant, of course, which is also beautiful but do not neglect factors such as resistance to diseases and ability to adapt to the soil that you have in the garden.

When to make the camellia cutting?

The right time to multiply the camellia by cuttings falls in autumn or summer. Those who live in the south of Italy can multiply the camellia in October, while those who live in central-northern Italy will have to propagate the camellia by cuttings in the middle of summer, in the month of July.

How to make the camellia cutting

The choice of cutting or branch

After choosing the mother plant, identify a healthy and strong branch of the current year. By "branch of the current year" we mean a young branch that has not yet completed the transition from green to brown. Young branches root more easily.

How to make the cut

Take the cutting by cutting with a sharp scissor. Before using the scissors it is advisable to sterilize or disinfect it with alcohol and then dry it thoroughly. Make a longitudinal cut. The portion of the young branch taken must be between 10 and 20 cm.

Fromcuttingtaken, it will be necessary to remove the lateral shoots and the lower leaves, leaving only the leaves near the apex.

When taking the cutting, you will need to braise the branch under the lowest leaf bud. In the lower area, you will have to cut and remove the bark leaving the branch bare. In this operation, be careful not to engrave the branch itself.


Take a jar with a diameter of 10 cm. Fill the jar with a very fertile and slightly acidic soil, to be preferred are commercial soils because they are free of any weeds.

To facilitate rooting, impregnate the base of thecutting of camelliain a stimulating product for cuttings woody like the Clonex Radicant, offered on Amazon with free shipping at a price of about 13 euros.

The cutting taken must be buried halfway.

Exercise a lot of patience at this stage: rooting takes place after 4 or 5 months! The transplant must be carried out in early spring of the following year, between March and April forcuttings of camelliacarried out between July and August and between May-June forcuttings of camelliasmade between September and October.


To avoid the risk of parasitic attacks, especially if you have not used a commercial soil, it will be advisable to carry out a first treatment with a fungicide against liquid collar fungi, to be added to the first irrigations.

If you don't have a drawer for cuttings with opaque glass, you can cover the pot with a clear plastic sheet. In this way you will be able to maintain constant humidity. Periodically remove the plastic bag to allow for a minimum of aeration.

The vase with thecutting of camelliait should be placed in an 80% shaded place and at a temperature not lower than 20 ° C.

Multiplication of the camellia

Other thancutting, thecamelliait can be grown from seed or with grafting. The most experienced nurserymen, to commercialize medium-large sized camellias, use propagation by grafting. The grafting of the cutting can be performed in early March. For all the information you can read our guide article on camellia grafting. In the articlehow to graft a camelliawe will see all the camellia propagation techniques, not only grafting but also layering.

Multiplication by cuttings

There multiplication of camellia by cuttings it was not the first propagation of this kind that we have covered. Below we recommend some guides on how to make cuttings of the most common garden plants.

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