Another Europe, you can read it

Another Europe, you can read it

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Another Europe. What do you have in mind? Well, whatever it is, this is another one, which looks ahead, beyond. To the protest movements against austerity policies, with Mario Pianta and Paolo Gerbaudo. Another Europe which wants to be sustainable and is aware that the industry "must recover", in the words of Reinhard Bütikofer.

Another Europe, again, driving the energy transition of the decarbonization as Gianni Silvestrini explains. This, another and another Europe again, are those told by Silvia Zambone for Environment Edition in the book "Another Europe". A continent that we would like to see shortly, summarized in the subtitle "Sustainable, democratic, equal, supportive".

Former Councilor for the Environment of the Municipality of Bologna, as well as a journalist, Zambone has taken the trouble not to avoid the negative wave of an economic crisis that seems to have passed but maybe not, who knows, and she was not scared and will not for the Eurosceptic drift that like a tide rises and falls as the mood of majorities and oppositions of the most influential governments in Europe changes.

So, courageous and competent, she gave us a precious book that, although not very recent, appears to be projected towards the future anyway, a sign that we are still very firm at the stake. Reading it can make us understand why we are still waiting another Europe. And which one, and why.

That of Ambiente editions it is not a volume of pure politics but it is purely green, in the sense of also understanding politics but not only, because it is not just about that. Indeed, it is an interesting compendium of texts that I would define as of active citizenship, far removed from the political and controversial, well attached to the reality of the facts, to the realization of projects.

Like Monica Frassoni's chapter on “Climate, renewables, energy efficiency"Which illustrates the strategic objectives" not to be missed ". A reading that is at times bitter but that cannot be avoided if you are interested in broader reasoning of your own city district. And the question of European funds to be invested in support of environmental and energy sustainability, how can anyone not care another Europe is it possible and to be expected? It is Antonio Lumicisi who tells and explains mechanisms that are often overlooked, summarizing that in our country "we do not take advantage of European funds". Let's understand better, it is useful to eventually stop wasting.

These days Sergio Andreis' text is more delicate than ever: “For a new defense and foreign policy of the EU. The military spending and the Europe that pretends not to see ". Nothing is missing if to all this is added the first part of "Another Europe" in which after a clear introduction by Zambone some economic and political chapters trace the panorama in which we are living, through the voices of Pier Virgilio Dastoli, Jürgen Habermas , Joyce M. Mushaben, Gabriele Abels, Pier Giorgio Ardeni, Joseph E. Stiglitz and Jean-Paul Fitoussi.

If you believe there is another Europe, to be built, to dream, to help build, the volume is a reading to be grasped here, but also if not, to verify our different visions of Europe. If you have the courage.

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