Basil cutting, instructions

Basil cutting, instructions

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Basil cutting: instructions for making basil seedlings from simple twigs. Simple procedure and within everyone's reach.

Multiply thebasil by cuttingsit is a simple operation with no contraindications. The ease ofbasil cuttingreleases you from the use of any root. If with the woody cuttings it is recommended to use a stimulant in order to induce rooting, with the leaf cuttings no preliminary purchase will be necessary.

The ideal period for the cultivation of basil as well as for its cutting falls in late spring.

Basil cutting, all you need

Everything you need is within everyone's reach:

  • A jar containing water
  • A pot containing soil
  • A sprig of basil

Which soil is suitable for basil?

Basil has no specific preferences. Just choose universal fertile soil that is soft enough to allow for further root development cutting.

The water for the basil cutting

Paradoxically, in thebasil cutting, to play a crucial role is the water we use at the beginning to allow the cuttings to root.

Do not use the water from the domestic water supply that has just come out of the tap. If it is difficult for you to obtain chemically safe well water, you can use tap water as long as it has been in a bucket exposed outside the balcony for at least 24 hours.

The sprig of basil that will become your plant

That sprig of basil is your cutting. Make sure it comes from a healthy and robust plant, preferably grown organically. Start the basil cutting with a sprig collected during the day, it would be very risky to use one that is already dry because it may not find the strength to root.

How to multiply basil by cuttings

1 - Take the water from the tap and let it rest in the open air for 24 hours.

2 - Take your sprig of basil and dip it into a jar filled with the previously prepared water.

3 - Wait a few weeks and observe the terminal area of ​​the branch: when the roots have sprouted, the basil cutting she will be ready.

4 - When the branch has developed its roots, prepare a pot with fertile and soft soil (universal soil) and plant your cutting.

5 - In the initial phase, keep the soil constantly moist. Warning: the soil must be moistened daily and therefore free from water stagnation. Stop daily watering when the cutting has regained vegetation.

Remember that a fundamental condition for taking root is the temperature: the basil pots must be grown when the night temperatures do not drop below 18 ° C.

How to cure the basil seedling

A few weeks after planting, thebasil cuttingwill start emitting the first jets.

For its cultivation, arrange thebasil seedlingin a sunny position. If you used good fertile soil at the time of the first planting, it will not be necessary to fertilize. On the contrary, if you have used sifted soil from your garden, periodic fertilizations will be essential.

If you use a planter for several cuttings, remember to plant them at a distance of at least 30 cm from each other.

Plants in development should be watered abundantly but only when the soil in the pot is completely dry.

Multiplication by cuttings

There reproduction of basil it was not the first propagation by cuttings that we have dealt with. Below we recommend some guides on how to make cuttings of the most common garden plants.

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  • Branch or leaf rose cutting

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