Outdoor dog kennels

Outdoor dog kennels

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Outdoor dog kennels, a room all to themselves, to sleep, yes, but also just to be in peace for a while, to reflect, to dream about croquettes, meadows, bones to bite and little dogs, or dogs, to woo. The kennels for outdoor dogs they are an important and welcome thought for our dogs and, who can, who has space, it is good that you give your pet "a space all to himself".

The kennels for outdoor dogs first of all they must be comfortable and of the right size so that he can move and at the same time not navigate inside as if he were sleeping in an opera house: it would make him feel uncomfortable and would give unnecessary problems of heat loss in winter.

Me too'entry of dog kennels from outside it must have the right size, especially to avoid unwanted drafts of air, then if the 4-legged resident is forced to lower his head a little to enter, it doesn't matter. He will then be happy to stay warm. Whether it is front or side, the entrance of the kennels for outdoor dogs, little changes, it depends on how you arrange it in the courtyard or garden, on how the wind blows and it can beat the rain during a thunderstorm, the important thing is that you can position it so that it is insulating and raised from the ground by about 8 centimeters.

For materials, they can be found of wood, plastic, resin and metal, on the market, while giving ourselves to DIY we can indulge ourselves with our imagination always taking into account that we are talking about kennels for outdoor dogs. Unless we live in the tropics, protecting the animal from the cold must be the priority, which also wins over recycling and on creative imagination.

In choosing the materials it is also important to take into account that they must be as odorless as possible, and insulating the chaos that lies outside the kennels for outdoor dogsbe it domestic chaos or traffic noise or the neighbor playing the trumpet. Any annoying noise is not appreciated by our friend, especially if he relies on his kennel to stay in peace.

Let's go to the roof of the kennels for outdoor dogs: the optimal situation is to find or build one with a sloping roof, in order to allow the water to slide down. It is also preferable that the roof can be opened, this makes our cleaning operations much faster, practical and effective. Nothing changes for the dog and we don't break our backs. For some advice on how to clean the kennels for outdoor dogs, and not, I recommend this useful reading.

When placing the kennels for outdoor dogs it is important to observe shadows and lights and identify a point that is comfortable for us, not too much in the comings and goings but above all that is not too sunny in summer nor too exposed to wind and rain in winter. And if our pet suffers particularly from the cold, we can set up the entrance with one small tent to be removed later in summer.

Insulated outdoor dog kennels

Even when temperatures drop, the kennels for outdoor dogs they can be habitable and comfortable. There are those insulated, in various sizes, generally made in wood and eco-wood, together with insulating and thermal material that protects from the cold. The more resistant the wood used, the better, always trying to choose between those who consume it with respect for the environment, and the thickness of the wood is an important variant for the walls of kennels for outdoor dogs, especially in relation to the thermal insulation obtained for the benefit of the guest who, despite having hair, feels the winter.

The insulated dog kennels for outdoor use they are highly recommended for those who live in places where temperatures often drop below zero, or with very high humidity, or with lots of snow for many months. But it is not obvious: they are also fine for summers that are too hot, suffocating, which take your breath away. Because insulated outdoor dog kennels also enjoy the benefit ofthermoregulatory action of wood.

When choosing the model for our dog, I recommend that you also pay attention to the insulation of the floor and prefer those with feet, slightly raised from the ground, which makes the insulation greater. Just a little and a few centimeters.

Outdoor dog kennels in wood

They are the ones I prefer, the outdoor dog kennels in wood, because it seems to me that they can be better set in the setting of a garden. Buy or do it yourself, they remain my solution even if it is true that with other materials there are considerable advantages. And that we will see shortly. Anyone wishing to commit to building outdoor dog kennels in wood, find here all instructions to which you can add your own creative vein, if necessary.

DIY outdoor dog beds

If we stay on DIY and on kennels for outdoor dogs, however, we can range on alternative solutions to those in wood, for example by using recycled camping tents, or pallets. Or even structures such as wooden fruit boxes, plastic houses for our children who, now grown up, point to the brick villa: we can readjust them to become worthy diy outdoor dog beds. The imagination and the power of recycling can be found in this article from which take a cue to create. With the consent of our 4-legged friend who must be able to live there comfortably.

Dog kennels for outdoor use in plastic

There is no choice for outdoor dog kennels in plastic, unless impromptu reuse of structures already at home, they must be bought. This one with a green sloping roof and white walls is a great example of what is on the market. The choice is wide, they don't always find the right size, especially if we have a large dog. But never say never, those who seek will find, even remembering when it is practical to clean them outdoor dog kennels in plastic compared to others.

Heated outdoor dog kennels

In the garden or on the terrace, the heated outdoor dog kennels they are a great luxury for our pet. He'll be thrilled, I bet. Among the various options on the market, it is best to choose immediately by size, design and structure. There are numerous heated outdoor dog kennels made with external wooden structures and are considered by many to be the best in terms of heat. And also aesthetic. Here too the rule applies that the thicker the boards, the higher the resistance to cold and bad weather. Wood is, therefore, if possible, but also treated with waterproof products.

The door of kennels for outdoor dogs it is another important element, not to be overlooked. She has to be comfortable, okay, but she also has to shelter her cabin from the rain and wind so that other efforts to keep it warm don't go in vain. Another trick is to keep the kennel raised, the contact with the ground, wet and cold, is tremendously deleterious for our heating system which can be on the floor or in the walls of the kennel. In the kennels for outdoor dogs more advanced and modern we can also find systems with timers to allow us to manage temperatures and also optimize them based on the habits of our dog.

Outdoor dog kennels: prices

There are many models, materials and technologies, design that say the price of kennels for outdoor dogs it's a lottery. On line there are all kinds and for every need. And suitable for any wallet. If we want to save money, and the dog's size is also reduced, we can think of onemini kennel in simple and elegant plastic, with the colors of wood, from 30 euros.

If, on the other hand, we are spared no expense and have a lot of expenses and space, as well as a lot of money to invest in properties for dogs, there is even one on the market almost 1,600 euro chalet in birch. And then there are reasonable and humane middle ways, and canine ones, among which to browse to choose the best one, for you, and for your friend: also ask yourself what he / she might want, because kennels for outdoor dogs they are not a garden accessory like the statuettes of the 7 dwarfs.

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