Natural food for dogs

Natural food for dogs

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Natural food for dogs, which are omnivores, yes, but not "living and hairy trash cans" to which we feed our leftovers, claiming to feed them and then have them in perfect health. It is necessary if not obligatory to give them natural dog foods. Yes, because it is good that the foods are natural, but that they are also ad hoc for dogs. It is not said that what is good for us is also excellent in their bowl.

Natural food for dogs in home nutrition

Natural dog food: many of us will think: “but more natural than what I cook, what could possibly be?”. Of course, roast, fried fish, meat sauce and lasagna, without detracting from anyone's culinary skills, are not natural dog foods, they're not really for dogs at all, they don't have to go into their mouths. Beyond any sweet eye they give you.

Home nutrition can be a way to provide natural dog foods even if it is very difficult to be able to calibrate all the needs of the animal. Not to mention that it is a daily commitment to be maintained and with a cost that is not always low, if you really want to use it natural dog foods and not scraps or low quality foods that are on sale.

Coming to the very general online quantities, an adult dog should eat on 30-40 grams per kilo of weight of wet food per day, 40% of meat, 40% of pasta / rice and the rest of vegetables. Then every dog ​​has the its metabolism. The meat must be boiled or grilled, not seasoned, pasta and rice must be overcooked, the vegetables are at most carrots or courgettes, boiled. You can add a teaspoon of sunflower or seed oil per day, and a maximum of one hard-boiled egg per week.

Natural food for dogs in commercial nutrition

Let's dispel the bad myth that i natural dog foods they can not be croquettes and cans. There are brands and brands, certainly the sub-brands with high percentages of cereals, with meat flours and rich in preservatives and additives, are not natural foods for dogs, but there are also "virtuous" boxes.

As for quantity, even here, 30-40 grams per kilo of weight, for wet foods, for croquettes these quantities must be divided by three. A well-chosen commercial diet is an excellent way to feed our pet natural dog foods.

The croquettes do not perish so easily, they are ready and if we identify the quality ones, even with the help of the vet, they are perfectly balanced. The same goes for tins which are the wet version of natural dog foods. Chosen well, more care must be taken in keeping them, but they are more appreciated by animals for their appearance and for their inviting aroma.

Natural foods for dogs and prohibited foods

Forbidden, indeed, very forbidden. Yes, there are foods as well and in the eagerness to provide natural dog foods, especially if we have chosen the home diet, be careful not to put these poisons in the bowl as well. It's not about diarrhea or stomach pain, they can seriously harm the dog.

If we avoid table scraps, we are quite safe. Sauces, fried foods, meat sauce and the like are to be avoided absolutely as well chocolate and onions and garlic, and legumes. Potatoes are too rich in starch, bones are dangerous because you risk an intestinal blockage or one intestinal perforation. Other prohibited ingredients, not to be confused with natural dog foods, are mushrooms, grapes and raisins, sweets of any kind and kind and alcohol.

Natural dog foods: food categories

In an overview of the various categories of food we see where the natural dog foods, when and how much to supply. Let's start from proteins which for an adult dog must make up 20% of the daily meal and are among the natural dog foods for example in chicken, eggs, lamb, rabbit, fish and beef. Proteins of animal origin, more than those of vegetable origin, contain all the amino acids, essential for the growth of skin, nails, muscles, cartilage and tendons and for the production of hormones.

THE carbohydrates, together with sugars, moles natural dog foods, they ensure the energy immediately available and regulate the activity of the bacterial flora. When choosing which ones, we take into account that dogs do not tolerate lactose very much, better to focus on glucose and sucrose. THE fat, like the previous category, they are not enemies of dogs at all, on the contrary, they are to be included in natural foods for dogs because they are indispensable: they constitute an energy reserve and help protect themselves from the cold. In addition, in dogs they stimulate the production of certain hormones, help maintain the integrity of the cell membrane, hydration and elasticity of the skin. To avoid having a obese dog, let's keep below 10% of the daily ration.

Also mineral salts such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and sodium are essential for the formation of teeth and bones, the regulation of water and salt balance, the activation of metabolism, the growth and development of tissues and organs: they should not be left aside. Let's finish with the vitamins, I mention only a few, remembering that i natural dog foods they must be full of these precious elements, especially for puppies and pregnant and breastfeeding, but not only.

Vitamin A, for example, regulates vision and the protein metabolism, C strengthens the immune response to infectious diseases, D fights rickets, K serves for blood clotting while B1 contributes to the functioning of the nervous system. There are many other indispensable ones and i natural dog foods canned or croquettes are balanced in this part while it is often not easy to combine quantities at home. For a dog, however, it is essential to receive one balanced nutrition from the point of view of vitamins which, as a team, fight for his health.

Natural foods for dogs: frequency of meals

We have already mentioned this before: leftovers prohibited and even more to taste it during our meals that are not natural dog foods. After weaning, the puppies must eat 4 times a day, then gradually pass to 3 and then to 2 in adulthood, spaced 8 hours apart, for complete digestion.

By choosing natural dog foods then there are mistakes to avoid in order not to compromise its nutrition anyway. For example, do not alternate one day with pasta and one day with meat, but supply both at every meal, without constantly changing brands. Never always leave the food available, always leave thewater available.

Natural food for dogs: the Schesir proposal (edited by Matteo)

Among the natural foods for dogs available in specialized shops I point out the range of Schesir products which are of the same quality as that used for human consumption and have these important characteristics in common:

• 100% natural ingredients, of the same quality as those used for human consumption.
• No dyes or appetizers or chemical preservatives.
• Hormon free chicken and fish caught in the open sea.
• Careful selection of the best parts of fish and meat, steamed and processed by hand.
• Maximum care in the preparation of healthy and appetizing recipes.

For more details on the raw materials of which Schesir products are made, you can visit the official Schesir website.

With him you can be 100% natural made by Schesir precisely to emphasize the importance of feeding our 4-legged friends with natural products.

Schesir products: Lucy's test (edited by Matteo)

But words always count for little, what only the facts count for which "we tested Schesir products in the field", subjecting them to the approval of Lucy the dog of Erica:

How about? :-) I would say that Schesir products have definitely been "promoted" by Lucy! :-)

Erica and Lucy with the "brushed" Schesir box :-)

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