Recipes with ginger

Recipes with ginger

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Recipes with ginger: simple recipes and useful tips on how to take this extraordinary root with infinite nutritional and therapeutic properties. For its various virtues, ginger is highly appreciated in the kitchen and in the world of natural medicine, it is rich in proteins characterized by the amino acids alanine, arginine and cystine, glutamic acid and aspartic acid, proline, serine, awl, glycine and tyrosine. It also has a fair content of vitamins such as B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin C, vitamin E.

Since ancient times, ginger was used in medicine and even today, after specific laboratory tests, the effects and benefits it brings to the body have been scientifically verified: we have already extolled its health benefits in the article "Ginger beneficial properties ".

It would even seem that the extract of this plant may be better than the ironic drugs in the treatment of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. This is stated by a recent study published in the journal Arthritis. According to this research, its antioxidant effects would be able to eliminate the acid deposits in the joints.

Ginger with its very rich beneficial properties, can be added to many dishes from salads to desserts. It can be used in cooking after peeling, slicing, chopped or grated.

Do you know that in recent years the use of this extraordinary root has been increasing more and more? There are in fact liqueurs, beers and thirst-quenching drinks based on ginger but its use is also found in the production of jams and candied fruit, in biscuits, focaccia and crackers, in syrups, in tea. Here are some simple ginger-based recipes.

Recipes with ginger: fresh or powdered?

The root can be used fresh or in powder form; you can grind it fresh then store it in an airtight glass jar in a dry, cool and dark place; ground will not lose its aroma over time. Powdered ginger is also effective, albeit with a less pungent flavor.

Useful recommendations: it has a very strong flavor, therefore it is preferable to add it in small doses according to taste. During long cooking, it loses its aroma and it is therefore recommended to add it later if not at the end of cooking.

Recipes with ginger, to each his own

Herbal tea

The Ginger Tea is a real panacea for health and for the figure and very simple to do: just boil the water and add small pieces of ginger to leave in an infusion for at least 10 minutes, but if you like the flavor you can leave the ginger for even longer or eat it together with the herbal tea. If you want, you can add the juice of half a lemon and honey (only with a warm herbal tea otherwise it loses its properties). This remedy is very suitable in cases of colds and flu states.

Ginger and Pumpkin Soup

Cook the pumpkin with thinly sliced ​​leek together with a small chopped carrot in a saucepan of water. Towards the end of cooking, add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of chopped ginger, mix well and before serving add a drizzle of organic extra virgin olive oil. A soup rich in flavor and purifying is ready.

Extracted juice

To prepare this energetic and super vitamin drink you need to get 6 carrots, 3 apples, half a lemon and a piece of ginger. Transfer everything to the juicer and your super regenerating drink is ready.

In any favorite dish

Ginger can also be added to pasta and risotto with vegetables, you can grater on it at the end of cooking to enjoy its excellent properties and as an accompaniment, cut into cubes, fish dishes and main courses .... try it and you will be amazed. Personally, I use it fresh as a sauce on spaghetti: I heat the grated ginger with a small clove of garlic and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. This wonderful spice also goes well in desserts, just add a pinch of it to recipes for cakes, biscuits and jams.

Considering that it is a spice that should never be missing in the kitchen, it could be a winning idea to grow it on the terrace. In this regard, we suggest reading "How to grow ginger at home

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