Ascaris in dogs and cats

Ascaris in dogs and cats

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Ascaris in dogs and cats, and also in humans: this parasite seems to give us no respite so let's see what it is, what symptoms it gives and what therapy can knock it out.

Ascaris in dogs and cats: what it is

The ascarids (Toxocara and Toxocaris) are nematodes, round worms with a cylindrical and elongated body, resemble long whitish spaghetti and settle by parasites in the intestine producing eggs which are then excreted with the feces. However, already in the larva stage, the Roundworms in dogs in cats and in anyone else, they become able to migrate through the animal's body, infesting other similar ones.

Ascaris in cats

Roundworms affect young kittens for example by passing into the udders and contaminating the milk, which is why, in front of entire litters, everyone, mother and kittens, is dewormed to completely eradicate this annoying problem. Yes, because what happens is that a cat approaches the cat with ascaris and licks the feces or contaminated soil, finding itself infested in turn.

Even when they are apparently harmless larvae, the ascarids they can migrate through the animal's body, not only crossing the placental barrier reaching young kittens, but also compromising the goodness and safety of the milk.

The main symptoms of roundworms in cats are diarrhea, weight loss, stunted growth, garlic-flavored breath, and sudden weight loss, as well as vomiting and intestinal obstruction. For cats, what is created with ascarids is a kind of zoonoses and nothing denies that man could also be involved through the syndrome Larva Migrans Visceral.

For the diagnosis of roundworms in cats you can look for these parasites directly in the faeces or see the eggs with a stool test. However, the negativity of the stool examination should not satisfy us, because it is a partial vision of roundworm problem in dogs and cats, and in anyone who happens to be.

Therapy for cats against roundworms is based on the administration of normal wormers, dosed by your trusted veterinarian, The worms caused by roundworms in dogs and cats after the appropriate treatment they can be excreted within 24 hours with the faeces or are digested.

Ascaris in dogs

Dogs are also interested in ascarids, sympathetic to cats. There Toxascaris leonina and Toxocara canis, this is the name of our canine friends who are threatened by these roundworms right from the moment they are born and subsequently find a channel to contaminate the dog animal.

The process is biologically similar to the feline one, in the intestines of puppies, the eggs hatch, larvae are born that penetrate the intestinal part, they pass from the liver, reaching the heart, right, lung, trachea, and then be swallowed.

The roundworms in dogs in case of pregnant females, it passes to future pups with high probability through the placenta. It would therefore be important to deworm the female dog before mating, avoiding that other dogs take roundworms without suspecting anything.

In the dog the main ones symptoms of ascaridosis are similar to those of cats: diarrhea, vomiting, stunted growth and weight loss. Other not very reassuring signs regarding the roundworms in dogs and cats it can be abdominal pain, cough that suggests one parasitic bronchopneumonia and even fatal intestinal obstruction.

For the diagnosis of roundworms in cats and vane, an examination of the feces is sufficient, remembering that, even for cats, if during these tests there is a very liquid diarrhea which gives rise to false negatives. To cure the roundworms in cats already known or similar drugs can be used. Important is don't do the DIY.

Ascaris in humans and children

For humans, including children, soon called to such unpleasant topics, it can be infested by occasional ingestion of the eggs of parasites present in contaminated soil. They are the roundworms in dogs and cats, that also pop up like this. The enemy eggs, ingested, hatch, freeing the larvae that migrate into the tissues. The most frequent damages after an invasion of roundworms are dysfunctions and damage to the liver, eye and brain.

In the human being, man or woman, especially between 20 and 35-40 years, the pathologies related to roundworms are the syndrome of larva migrans visceralis. The oral routes are indomitable and allow the contagion of this parasite that infests all kinds of mammals.

Once orally the ascarid parasite it has entered a body, let us expect violent reactions also from the human being who tries to defend himself. Regarding the timing, it must be taken into account that the maturation of the larvae takes place over a period of 2-3 months, in the meantime the females can lay up to 200 thousand eggs per day, released with the feces and prone to infest the environment.

For us humans, the symptoms are not very different from those of the presence of roundworms in dogs and cats. But maybe you get a discount with a comprehensive treatment of drugs, affection and spirit of observation.

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