When to harvest persimmons

When to harvest persimmons

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When to harvest persimmons: how to harvest persimmons to consume them at the right point of ripeness. Recommend the preservation of persimmons.

THEkhakithey are large orange fruits that appear in our orchard towards the end of October. It is not easy to understandwhen to harvest persimmonif you don't know this fruit well. Persimmons have a good sweet taste but if the harvest does not take place at the right time you risk eating a bitter fruit with an unpleasant taste.

Thekhakiit is a plant native to China, very common in Japan and other Asian locations. Its botanical name isDiospyos kakialthough it is commonly known aspersimmonor khaki. Therepersimmon cultivationit is very simple and can be adopted by those who want a low maintenance orchard. Persimmon is generally very fruitful so it gives abandoned crops: the fruits appear on the plant that is at least three or four years old.

The only drawback in the cultivation of persimmon is to protect the fruit from birds! This is why many recommend anticipating the harvest and not letting the persimmons ripen on the tree.

When to harvest persimmons

You cancollect persimmonstowards the beginning of November. But pay attention to the climatic trend: in case of windy autumn, set up a windbreak to protect the plant and its branches. The wind easily breaks the branches laden with persimmons, drastically reducing the yield. In case of drought with a little rainy autumn, irrigate the plant because a lack of water could return fruits with cracked skin and therefore easy prey for fungi and insects.

At harvest time, ipersimmonthey will have a characteristic dark yellow - orange color. They must be free of any green streaks, even the faintest. Those who live in the South can postpone the harvest period and remove the already ripe fruit from the tree. On the contrary, those who do not want to risk losing the harvest due to frosts, would do well to harvest the persimmons so as to make them mature away from the plant.

At harvest time, thepersimmonit must be detached complete with the chalice, then harvest with scissors or manually rotating the fruit around the peduncle.

How to ripen persimmons

Collect the persimmons when they are completely orange but before they have finished ripening (therefore still hard). In this context, the persimmons will need to mature away from the plant.

The most common ripening technique is that of ammezzimento, the same method used to ripen medlars, pears, kiwis and apples. How to do?

Arrange the kakis in a box, space them apart and do not overlap them. Alternate the persimmons with other fruits such as apples or pears and cover the container with a sheet of cardboard or a kitchen towel. In this way, a hood of ethylene will be created in the drawer which will favor the maturation of the persimmon. Store the drawer in a cool, moisture-free place.

How to store persimmons

To keep persimmons longer, you can delay ripening and store them in honeycomb containers that do not allow the fruits to touch each other. Cover the container with cling film.

Alternatively, you can arrange the persimmons well spaced in a drawer or in a container filled with foam rubber. If you don't have foam rubber you can fill the container with kitchen rags. The important thing is to keep the persimmons in a soft and sheltered place. Equally essential is to place the glass upwards: the protruding peduncle, during ripening and when the persimmons are very soft, could easily tear the nearby fruit.

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