Hungarian Bracco, Vizla: character and price

Hungarian Hound, belonging to group seven, to the seven continental pointing dogs, was selected as hunting dog among the most efficient and docile. There are two varieties: the most common is the Hungarian short-haired hound, the other, rarer Hungarian hound is hard-haired. Both are officially recognized by the FCI and suitable for hunting game with fur and plumage, in Hungary it has always been considered the dog of high society, at the time only the richest could have it.

Hungarian Bracco: origins

There is still no clarity but it is confirmed that this breed comes from Hungary and has existed since the ninth century, when the Hungarian people arrived in present-day Hungary. The predecessors of the Hungarian hound were immediately crossed with the Pannonian Hound of which it took many morphological characteristics, then between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, with the Ottoman invasion, our Hungarian hound crossed with the German hound, the "Turkish yellow dog" and the Arabian greyhound.

Success for the Hungarian hound arrives in the eighteenth when it begins to depopulate in aristocratic families for its skills such as hunting dog, then risks becoming extinct during the world wars and also recovers thanks to the crossings with setter is English pointers is German hounds.

In 1936 the Hungarian hound becomes a breed officially recognized by the FCI and arrives, and is very popular, in the United States, as early as the early 1900s, the'American Kennel Club he then recognized it in 1960. In Italy the Hungarian hound comes thanks to Jolanda Savoia, passionate and expert dog lover.

Hungarian Bracco or Vizsla

When crossed with the Turkish yellow dog, the Hungarian hound he found himself stuck to his hair, short or not, a nickname. "Vizsla". The word is linked to the concept of seeking and means "alert". Perfect for a hunting dog that has to track down game, with a well developed sense of smell. Another name that has been given to him in modern times is the less likeable one of velcro dog. For his morbid attachment to his master: seeing is believing.

Hungarian Bracco: character

The Hungarian hound is highly regarded for his gifts from pointing dog, he is always balanced and lucid, never lets out any signs of nervousness. He stands out among his colleagues for his great intelligence combined with a strong predisposition to work, then he dotes on his boss and this makes him very easy to educate.

In general he is always with whom he knows sweet, delicious and very affectionate, kids love them and they love him, for the same reason he is very suitable for Pet Therapy. There is a slightly negative implication in the morbid attachment to the owner of the Hungarian hound: it is always a dog in search of physical and visual contact with its owner. Luckily rarely barks and it is also in the garden without suffering the cold.

Hungarian Bracco: aspect

The Hungarian hound has a medium-large size, is between 50 and 60 cm tall and weighs a maximum of 30 kg. He therefore has, after all, a harmonious, elegant physique, with well developed bones and muscles. The skull is broad but the tapered and pointed muzzle, the tail is narrow and long and the eyes are oval and light brown in color, matching the color of the coat.

We have seen what the hair can be short or hard but it is always golden. As a posture the Hungarian hound it is agile and very elegant, you can see it has its own running predisposition and which is suitable for all types of hunting and all types of terrain. Let's not forget that it has some useful webbed legs, from excellent swimmer.

To take advantage of the Hungarian bracco's predisposition to run, you can read the guide:How to run with the dog.

Hungarian Bracco: breeding

The spread of the Hungarian hound mainly focuses on Hungary, Germany, England and the United States. In Italy, however, it arrived but as if it were not, or almost. It is still a very rare dog, in recent years it seems to show a greater presence, we can hope that even here as overseas it will begin to reap success. It would be great, given that he is a very appreciable dog and does not even suffer from particular diseases, he does not complain often if not because he has to do a lot of movement, but he resists the pain without saying anything.

Hungarian Bracco: puppies

Since he was a puppy the Hungarian hound has in itself the concept of pack leader, identifies it and never loses sight of it. She follows him on long walks, immediately develops a unique and absolutely indisputable emotional bond. This unconditional love for the master makes the Hungarian hound a very easy dog ​​to educate and is indeed very prone to learning since he was a puppy.

Already at about two months he can be taught the first associations: where to do i physiological needs, for example. From the third month he shows a strong curiosity and vivacity to exploit to make him familiar with the smells and tasks of a hunting dog. If, on the other hand, he is a companion, he immediately learns which family he is and never gives up, he takes his own role of dog home, he knows who the boss is, and he respects the rules.

Price of the Hungarian hound

The price of a pedigreed Hungarian Hound puppy is quite variable and is around 800-1200 Euros.

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