How to protect palm trees from the cold

How to protect palm trees from the cold

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How to protect palm trees from the cold: from winter fertilization to tips to protect palm trees from cold, frost and snow.

If we imagine one Palm tree in full vegetation we place it in a warm context, however it depends on the variety of palm trees, some are morecold resistantand they can also thrive in the northern areas of Italy.

How to protect palm trees from the cold

The solutions forprotect palms from the coldthere are three:

  • cultivate the palm tree in pots to be transferred to the greenhouse during the winter.
  • Protect the palm with a special fabric, a solution valid only if thePalm treeit is grown in a south-facing area of ​​the garden.
  • Grow cold-resistant palms.

Thepalmsoriginating from tropical and subtropical climates, they can be grown in any location as long as cultivation takes place in pots to be moved to the greenhouse or veranda during the cold period of the year.

As an alternative to growing in pots, thePalm treeit must be grown in the garden in a south-facing position and must be protected from the cold with the foliage wrapped in a special fabric from the beginning of autumn until the following spring.

Forprotect the palm from the cold non-woven fabric caps or other specially made sheets can be used. These protections must be applied when temperatures drop below freezing. In this context, the hair must be grouped with soft twine and covered with non-woven fabric, which is also tied but not too thick. Thenon-woven fabricit is breathable, however it is recommended to remove it as soon as the temperatures have stabilized above freezing so as to allow thePalm treeto receive air and direct light.

A 10 meter long roll of non-woven fabric cover is offered on Amazon at a price of 10.50 euros with free shipping.

Protect palm trees from snow and frosts

Theprolonged frosts, especially when associated with high humidity, can severely damage plants grown in the garden. Frosts directly damage the root system ofpalms, for this reason it is recommended to perform a careful mulching with leaves, bark and straw.

Similarly it will be necessaryprotect palm trees from snow:

  • promptly remove the snow load from the foliage. The weight of the snow could bend the foliage and compromise the plant's tissues.
  • Free the base of the palm from the snow.

How to protect palm trees from the coldA very useful strategy to protect the root system consists in adding a layer of manure for a radius of 150 - 200 cm from the "foot of the plant". Manure, in addition to being a good fertilizer, protects the soil from frost. For an aesthetic reason, the layer of mature manure or manure can be covered with a fabric such as mulch cloth.

Before winter arrives, it is recommended to fertilize the plants with a magnesium-based fertilizer.

Cold-resistant palm trees

Not everyone has a veranda or a greenhouse where palm trees can be sheltered, and above all, a palm tree wrapped in a cloth with its hair gathered loses its beautiful aesthetic impact. To obviate, at least in part, the problem ofcold, at the time of planting it is possible to choosecold-resistant palmsWarning!These are not palm trees immune to the cold but more rustic therefore more able to resist frosts and that do not require specialcare if not for the first few years of life.

Betweencold-resistant palmswe report three different species, the Trachycarpus fortunei, the Brahea armata (it is resistant to cold, wind and even salt) and the Butia capitata which can resist frost and harsh cold, resists up to -10 ° C but does not a very prolonged tolerance.

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