Abruzzese shepherd

Abruzzese shepherd

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Abruzzese shepherd, does not betray the owner but not even its 100% Abruzzo origins. Its original name is not shepherd from Abruzzo but mastiff from Abruzzo, is a breed that falls within the group of shepherds and cattle dogs and is unquestionably white, with a temper, however, which is not pure white.

Abruzzese shepherd: origins

The shepherd from Abruzzo it is a full member of the great family white dogs of Central Europe and is one of the oldest exponents of this "white hair sect". It belongs to an ancient lineage of guardians of the flock and has inherited, albeit a little tamed, the character of the past.

Distrustful and belligerent, like that of the dogs that arrived in Italy from the Middle East. The shepherd from Abruzzo, however, immediately, as per his style, it evolved by itself, as an independent breed from white colleagues like him, and spread in the Province of Grosseto, but also in the area that goes from the high Lazio, passing through the Southern Umbria, Abruzzo, the Campania Apennines, the Molise coast up to northern Puglia.

The first news of shepherd from Abruzzo in Italy they date back to the 1st century AD. and it seems that it has always been a defender of the flock against the wolf. Its color is linked to the wolf: the white prevented that, in the event of an assault at dusk, the shepherd from Abruzzo could be mistaken for one of the predators. Even today this dog is used against the assaults of wolves by those who live in dangerous areas in this sense, there is also a project in the Piedmont area linked to this anti - wolf strategy.

Abruzzese shepherd: appearance

The white fur 100% we have seen that it is the trait that distinguishes this dog, even if shades of ivory or pale orange are tolerated. However, they must be minimal, and the hair must be abundant, even on the tail, long and rough: it is a shepherd, not a parlor dog. And then there is also the undercoat that has its effect, to the touch, and also against the frost that often, like shepherd from Abruzzo, is forced to endure.

Apart from the coat, this dog has rather small and ocher or dark brown eyes, very high, "V" -shaped, hanging ears and a large, flat head that explicitly and sympathetically recalls that of theWhite Bear. White is recurrent in the history of shepherd from Abruzzo.

As for the size, we are not at the level of a bear, but the standard weight is around 40 kg, for males, which even reach 50, females a little less. One aspect remains majestic and imposing, also for the gait and the look. The physicist of the shepherd from Abruzzo it is well proportioned, also in the legs and limbs, muscular, strong.

Abruzzese shepherd: character

High head, bright and wild coat: the shepherd from Abruzzo conveys a great pride, dignity and temper. You can immediately see that he is a dog that knows his stuff and that he has no intention of giving in to blackmail or intimidation: he has a very strong, confident and independent. He does not like cuddles and fussing much, so there are those who attribute a feline side to him, in truth he is a strong character, but he doesn't have much of a panther or tiger. This is what I would nicely define "a big head", By nature and in fact.

This is not to say that if you are lucky enough to be its masters, the shepherd from Abruzzo he swears loyalty, support, help and protection to you. It is not aggressive either with the owner or with others, it is just a little wary and certainly not the element that, in a group of dogs, acts as a socializing element. It's a shepherd, let's not forget, a shepherd tempered by cold and so much loneliness.

Abruzzese shepherd: care

Yes, despite the rough character, the shepherd from Abruzzo it needs some care, but not much, because it remains very rustic, capable of resisting disease, cold and bad weather. Brushed every now and then, some health checks, but otherwise it is a dog that does not give too many worries. Yet he often lives longer than his peers in size than i 10 years they dream of them, he often catches up with them.

Abruzzese shepherd: breeding

The farms are quite numerous for what it is loved and known dog. If we hear who is dealing with specimens of shepherd from Abruzzo often and breeds them, we have the confirmation that with this breed it is useless to give orders. Chest a shepherd from Abruzzo it is useless, it is deleterious, just as there is no need to shout or try to impose yourself. Explaining things calmly is best, he then evaluates, gifted with marked intelligence.

The shepherd from Abruzzo is a proud and proud dog, suitable for keeping flocks, as a guard dog, at best, but not good as a disposition for disciplines such as Fly ball, Freestyle, Agility and Dog Obedience. To understand how many there are around, let's give some numbers.

In 2008, 547 puppies of shepherd from Abruzzo to the ENCI herd books, in 2010 they increased to 684 up to 754 in 2012. And it is a continuous growth.

Abruzzese shepherd: price

The shepherd from Abruzzo, puppy, has a price that can vary from 200 to 500 euros. It depends on the farms, on the purity of the breed and the white, on the area where we are buying it. And then if you buy it online or "de visu". We are always very careful to request documentation and certifications also concerning health. It is true, we said that this dog does not give problems, but it must be a healthy puppy, otherwise the premises are missing.

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