Mating between dogs: rules and duration

Mating between dogs: rules and duration

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Mating between dogs, a process that takes place in several stages not always known to all, until they find themselves assisting, or even helping. This can also happen to novice dogs, however it is better for a dog owner to know how themating between dogs. How to prepare them for mating, where to mate them, how long.

In general, for a mating between dogs we can start with the fact that we must first prepare them for the mating, which is better done by the male dog. The ritual of the courtship and then comes the truth mating between dogs. If it doesn't arrive, of course, we have to help the two protagonists manually. That is why it is better to know what is happening and what needs to happen.

Mating between dogs: how to do it

First of all, the two candidates must be clean and maybe shaved in the intimate areas of the vulva and penis for reasons of hygiene: it is not mandatory, but it can give you and give you greater safety in terms of cleaning. Then, I'm not saying to give oneself to romance, but if we want a ride that looks at least natural, we must be patient that thecoupling starts with a kind of courtship dance.

You will recognize it, and you will not interrupt it, I hope: the male will start to wagging his tail around the bitch female and to smell it. Then, having taken a little confidence in view of themating between dogs, comes the moment of the game which also provides false winking chases. Before the female accepts, hopefully, the male suitor that is doing its best, there is still in the mating phase that phase in which they lick their ears and nose.

Then the verdict: if the female accepts the male, she will raise her tail so that he can smell her vulva. This is a real signal in the ritual of mating between dogs: the male catches it and understands that there is availability on the part of the female. And that is the right time to mate with the bitch.

So far we have assumed that themating between dogs went smoothly and that the two animals got by themselves. But dogs may need a manual and human help. This means that we should follow them from the beginning of'Mating between dogs teaching the female the ideal position and at the same time encouraging the male to take action. Then they should get away with it.

Mating between dogs: duration

The first phase ofmating between dogs, what we have described as courtship, does not have a fixed duration, it can be long, very short, infinite. It is not possible to predict. For the rest we can say that a mating between dogs it generally lasts about twenty minutes, about.

After the "go" of the female, the male mounts her proceeding with the penetration. During intercourse they move by instinct and if we do not notice anything strange it is better that we let them do it alone. A part of the male's penis swelling inside the vulva forms what is called in the jargon "node". It is used to prevent separation between dogs, after which ejaculation begins and is the phase with the longest duration.

After themating between dogs it is absolutely necessary to wait at least 10 minutes, because they get stuck and you have to give time to do deflate the bulb. It is essential to keep dogs blocked to prevent them from getting hurt. Interrupting this joint with gestures such as buckets of water that scare dogs is dangerous and painful for them, as well as meaningless.

Mating between dogs: rules

In themating between dogs there are unwritten, unspoken rules that we say. For example, it is often recommended to have the bitch mounted at least 3 times at regular intervals to be sure that it is fertilized.

As for the choice of place, here too there is an unwritten rule: that of going to the male. Since he is the one who makes the greatest effort of action, he is, in themating between dogs, the most sensitive to stress. It is therefore better for dogs to mate where he is most at ease.

Mating between dogs: when

Good question, when. The right age to schedule a mating between dogs Breed, for example, depends on so many factors - type of breed, size, state of health, diet, environment - that it is difficult to give a clear-cut answer. Better to get advice from an expert.

For a female dog, she has her first ovulation at one year, sometimes earlier, and goes into heat twice a year. This period called the "heat" is divided into three phases which are very different in terms of attitude towardsmating between dogs. The main stages are Proestro, Estro and Diestro. However, it is in Estro that the bitch is ready to accept the male for'Mating between dogs.

During this phase, which lasts a few days, the blood loss has almost stopped. Then comes the last phase, that of Diestro, and already the female is no longer available for themating between dogs and the male is also less interested.

We pass to the "when" of the male always. The male in view of themating between dogs is always available and sexually active, at any time of the year. This is true starting from yours sexual development which on average takes place around 10 months.

Returning to females, a detail that is not taken for granted for us who always think in an anthropocentric and anthropomorphic way. Bitches' oestrus cycles do not end: female dogs, therefore, they never reach menopause.

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