Draft windows, how to do?

Draft windows, how to do?

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Window frames, how to do? Valuable tips on how to intervene on the windows of your home, to avoid the presence of drafts and drafts. For the purposes of the energy efficiency of a house, windows play a fundamental role. According to recent research, more than 70% of the energy used for space heating is lost due to poor insulation.

Window maintenance

Window maintenance is a first step towards energy saving. Of course, replacing old windows entails a rather high expense: what to do to improve dated windows? A few small steps are needed to improve and optimize the situation: an easy and economical solution is to apply adhesive rubber or sponge profiles on the closing surfaces of the windows.

It is a very simple operation that often turns out to be a solution to the problem. Industry experts have shown how the application of these profiles can even lead to a saving of around 20% on the bill.

How to apply profiles on windows

To apply these profiles, just follow some basic rules. Since these are adhesives, the surface on which the profile is to be applied must be thoroughly cleaned; solvents that do not contain oil and do not damage the surface of the window or door are sufficient. Generally denatured alcohol is the most effective choice.

It should be noted that the cleaner the surface, the greater the strength of the adhesive and its durability over time. The adhesive profiles are commercially available in the form of rolled tape. In this case, just apply the profile on the frame and unroll it to the desired size.

The profiles or draft excluders have prices ranging from a few euros up to 30 - 50 euros for the more insulating and fixed models. Before applying the classic adhesive profiles in rubber or sponge, you will need to thoroughly clean the perimeter of the door or window.

Among the various profiles on the market we point out:

  • Double Door Sill Rod, Gray

It is suitable foreliminate door drafts. It is made of foam, it hinders the entry of air from the classic cracks between the door and the floor. It fits and is adaptable for slots up to 22 mm and doors up to 95 cm in length. Warning! It is not suitable for all doors for example, it is suitable forarmored doorsonly if these do NOT have a thickness greater than 2.2 cm.

  • Universal foam seal for doors and windows

It succeeds inavoid drafts of doors and windowseliminating slots at 15 mm, it is offered on Amazon at a price of 4.84 euros with free shipping. Recommended for its excellent value for money.

The profile should be applied about 0.5 cm from the outer edge of the frame so as to be able to seal without edging once compressed. For very large cracks it is preferable to resort to a double application of profiles.

However, avoid overlapping them as the seal of the adhesive on a non-rigid surface is not optimal. You can therefore apply two strips of adhesive side by side up to the edge of the frame in order to form a more extended barrier. The operation must be repeated on all sides of the frame in order to make the insulation safe.

Attention: even if at first it will seem more difficult to close the windows, know that over time the profiles will adapt.

Air currents through the roller shutter box, what to do?

Another operation to do is to check the state of the roller shutter box which is in direct contact with the outside; often, the air currents also pass from other spaces.
To remedy this, you can use silicone: in this way both the cover of the box and the glass of the frame will adhere perfectly to the frames, avoiding annoying air infiltrations.
However, if the cracks are very important, it is preferable to opt for more structured products such as, for example, the polyurethane foam which, thanks to the practical spray application, is able to fill even spaces of considerable size.

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