Irish greyhound: character and price

Irish greyhound: character and price

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Irish Greyhound, with its almost 80 cm and even more is the tallest dog in the world. He comes from the north, from Ireland, and even if he does not look down on the children with whom he immediately and very well socialize. It's a good dog from an apartment if you tolerate its size, and if you take it for a walk often.

Irish greyhound: origins

Irish Greyhound is a canine breed of Irish origin recognized by the FCI which was created by the Scottish captain George Augustus Graham towards the end of the 19th century. At the time, the captain thought of crossing specimens of Deerhound with specimens of Great Dane German and of Borzoi Russo to "rebuild" the ancient Irish greyhound.

That's right, the Irish Greyhound comes from his desire to "rebuild" the past, in the guise of the famous "Irish Hound"Who lived in the first century BC. At the time, this model ancestor of the Irish Greyhound he was a war dog, the ancient Celts bred him and called him Cú Faoil.

After the war of time, the ancient inhabitants of Ireland kept the beautiful and high race of Irish Greyhound recycling it easily and with pleasure as a guard dog for the home and for the protection of farms. It has never lost its good reputation and its reputation which remains sung in ancient times Irish sagas. There the Irish Greyhound emerges as among the best dogs from wolf and bear hunting, because of its courage and its power, and war: an animal of inestimable and rare value.

Irish Greyhound: appearance

Giant among giants, the Irish Greyhound has an average size above 80 cm at the shoulder, at the withers the male must be at least 78 cm and the female at least 71. As regards the weight, there are heavier and more massive ones but he also defends himself well with an average of over 50 kg, minus the female, around 40.

Morphologically the Irish Greyhound is classified as a type Graioid, has an elongated and imposing body enriched by a massive musculature. The head of this tall dog is long and flat, the muzzle is too, and is slightly pointed up to black truffle.

The eyes are small and dark, but with a very good look, the ears pop out small and the coat is short and coarse. Needs many care, it can be found in various colors, from gray to brindle, but also red, black, white or deer.

Irish greyhound: character

Such a tall and elegant dog can only be kind and very docile. It is especially so with the people he knows, preferably children, and with the owner. To defend him, however, he can become aggressive and bark in an argumentative way.

However, it is not the type of animal, the Irish Greyhound, who attacks without having amply made it clear "verbally" that he doesn't like you at all. And if he doesn't like you, it's not because of his character, but because you have threatened the safety of those dear to him.

Quiet, intelligent and sweet, the Irish Greyhound it is also easy to train, plays very willingly with children and takes care of them without problems. He also adapts well in the apartment, as a dog, he is so tame, but he prefers wide open spaces where he can do a lot of movement and keep fit.

Irish Greyhound: puppies

The puppies of Irish Greyhound I am not immediately 80 cm but very close. Of course they are immediately sociable like the adults of this breed and it will not take long to make friends with all the dogs in the neighborhood. As puppies, they will start with the little ones, and they will become fond of children becoming eternal playmates.

The puppies of Irish Greyhound they do not need particular attention, a lot is linked to their diet which must always be balanced so that they grow well, but not too robust. And then the motion: the Irish Greyhound he needs and wants to do a lot of it, let alone as a puppy.

Irish greyhound: breeding

There are still very few farms of Irish Greyhound present in Italy. There are some in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Biella and in Abruzzo, some in Lombardy, but there is still a lot of work to be done on the spread of this beautiful dog. I don't know if it is height that creates embarrassment.

Moreover, it is not even a long-lived dog, being also of large size: the average life is 8 years but it can also reach 11 or 12 well. Knowing all this, the most conscientious breeders use breeding techniques to identify the longest-lived families, select them so as to obtain and sell specimens of Irish Greyhound long-lived. Certainly contributing is thehealthy eating throughout life, physical activity that should never be neglected and, listen, hear, the socialization.

Irish greyhound: price

The cost of a puppy's Irish Greyhound may vary from 900 euros to 1300. In official farms. On online or home sales, you can also find lower prices, but more attention needs to be paid to checking documents. And after what we said about the longevity of the Irish Greyhound one must also be very careful about how the puppy was treated in terms of lifestyle and food. In addition to health.

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