Electric pasta machine

What is the best Electric pasta machine? Our tests, advice on choosing, prices and models on the market.

There are many models on the market, the best products are those offered by the manufacturers of “historic” pasta machines, namely “Imperia” and “Marcato”.

For a question of versatility and value for money, among the different models of electric pasta machine we recommend Imperia 700, compact, stable and robust. This electric pasta machine weighs 7 kg and is extremely durable. Its use does not produce annoying vibrations even if it is a bit noisy.

The roller is about 14 cm long (so it can produce sheets of similar length) and the excursion for thicknesses varies from 0.2 mm to 1.9 mm.

This electric pasta machine it is easy to use and can also be used by the most traditionalists: next to it is the classic knob with six positions so as to select the thicknesses available in the range from 0.2 to 1.9 mm. Those who just can't do without it can use it in manual mode using a special crank. There pasta machineImperia 700 has a 50 HZ electric motor and is quite versatile because it is not just a dough sheeter (as well as some pasta machines with crank).

What kind of pasta can you make?

In the purchase package there are rollers for the dough of 150 mm and two accessories for cutting and obtaining tagliatelle, fettuccine ... aside, you can buy accessories for drawing pasta, for making gnocchi and for ravioli. This electric pasta machine disposes can also be used in "manual" mode using the classic crank. In this way, those who already have the accessories of the Imperia pasta machine by hand can "recycle" them with the Imperia 700.

Dimensions: how much space does it take?

Although it is a electric pasta machine it is not very bulky. Its dimensions are 27cm wide, 27cm high and 23cm deep. Size is a factor to consider for anyone who doesn't want bulky accessories around the house.

How much?

For more information, please refer to the official Amazon page:Electric pasta machine - Imperia 700. Even if the title announces a mixer, fear not, it is the Imperia 700. The price amounts to 174.99 euros with free shipping. This pasta machine is covered by a 2 year Italian warranty.

It is not recommended to buy one pasta machine manual to be converted toelectricwith special accessory-motor: le pasta machines manual converted to electric are not stable enough and with this modification the lifespan of the machine itself is drastically reduced.

Electric pasta machine: Imperia vs Marcato

If you are undecided between purchasing themachine for making pasta at home“Imperia 650” or “Marcato Altas Motor” have an equivalent quality. The steel body is the same sold with the crank only that in the electric version an electric motor is engaged which develops the classic rotary movement. In this case, the mechanical part is covered by a manufacturer's warranty of 5 or 10 years, while the electric motor has a 2-year warranty. The two models ofelectric pasta machine, in addition to having equivalent characteristics, they have very similar prices: the electric pasta machineMarked Altas Motorit costs 89.48 euros while the Imperia 650 machine can be bought for 91.49 euros.

To find out the prices and what are the other proposals on the market, please refer to the page: Electric pasta machines.

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