Pedigree: meaning and cost

Pedigree: meaning and cost

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Pedigree, a genealogical tree that tells us about the family of our animal. Cat or dog, horse or rabbit. It is an important document, the pedigree, and shows the complete list of the paternal and maternal ancestors of an animal. They started with the horse.

The name "pedigree"Has distant origins, around 1400, and derives from the French expression"Pied de Grue“, Literally“ crane's foot ”. It is not the document of the cranes, with ancestors of cranes, but the name refers to the forms that the pedigree he took on the ancient manuscripts, where the sons were indicated with bifurcations of straight lines downwards, in a sort of tree with branches that might have looked like crane legs. The French noticed it, then "Pied de Grue", and then, pedigree.

Etymology aside, the former pedigree they appeared in the world of horses, to tell their genealogy, in England, in racing, then gradually even the breeders have acquired the use to indicate the genealogy of other pets for the purpose of artificial selection and today it has become a custom.

The pedigree with a "breed declaration", he talks about the family and reports the characteristics of the animal's ancestors. Whether they are purebred or not, everyone is reported in this genealogical tree up to several generations back to keep track of blood. Blue, too, but not only.

It is true that this allows us to certify that an animal is purebred but the pedigree there is for everyone. The presence of the pedigree helps to identify the morphological group specific membership of a certain specimen but does not formally define that an animal is purebred. In case of purchase, for example, the pedigree it is sold together with the transfer of ownership and in order to register an animal in the Book of Origins it is necessary that both parents have been registered in turn and therefore have the pedigree.

In Italy for dogs, for example, there is an ad hoc body for the registration of these animals in the herd books, it is called ENCI (Italian national canine body), is affiliated with FCI (International Dog Federation) and brings together dog federations from over 80 countries.

For the cat, on the other hand, things are less clear: there are various private associations that are authorized to issue the document of descent. L'ANFI it is recognized by the MIPAAF, for example.

Fake pedigrees

In Italy to sell purebred dogs without pedigree falls within the crime of fraud, this and other similar conditions that apply to other animals, have led to the production and market of false pedigrees. It is therefore good to know more.

The ENCI herd book has 2 registers: the one of the Italian origins (roi, EX loi) and the additional one of the recognized ones (rsr, EX lir). Then there is a third type of pedigree (EXPORT PEDIGREE) for animals from another country. All other documents have no legal value and are gods false certificates which give false securities. Getting something other than what the ENCI indicates is useless. If it's fake or forged, it's even less useful.

If we want to verify the presence of ours pedigree on the database we can consult the section of the ENCI website ( relating to'Online family tree and enter the data for our search in the "Microchip" field and continue. Among the scammers, as well as those who produce and sell false pedigrees, there are also those who sell it real but making it pay for gold. Here, to get an idea a pedigree it should cost maximum 35 euros. If you do it for a large litter, the price can only go down.

Pedigree of dogs

The pedigree of dogs is an official document issued by ENCI which certifies and certifies the dog's registration in the herd books, when we have it in our hands it provides us with a ROI (Italian Origins Register) registration number, personal data of the dog and also information on the breeder and owners.

In the first part of the pedigree there are precisely these data, and also the group of belonging of the breed, date of registration, name of the dog, date of birth, sex, breed, number of microchips, coat color. Then, at the top right, here are the various official stamps for dysplasia and DNA and genealogy, with all the titles of the ancestors. There is also a last section relating to dog ownership which tells from which hands it passed. If we purchased it after it was registered, there will be a trace of it here.

I reiterate that having a dog with pedigree it doesn't mean it's from show, but simply that it's other dogs' sheet with pedigree, this means that we have the guarantee of the traceability of subjects and the seriousness of the breeder. But if we have a purebred puppy, just purchased, we have until your first birthday for any complaints.

Pedigree of cats

Here too it is true that if all purebred cats, to be defined as such, must have the pedigree, a pedigreed cat is not necessarily purebred. Indeed, this document is the identity card and any cat even at home, European, has it.

To have the pedigree of a kitten it is necessary that the litter has been reported. Which is not always the case, sometimes because the little ones are born from too young cats and whoever has them in their hands is violating the regulations that require mothers to be at least ten months old. Or they are kittens from cats they have pregnancies too close to be legal or from unauthorized mating.

For cats there is currently no legal obligation that forces the breeder to have the pedigree of their cats, sure you can ask before buying a cat, especially if it is purebred. Only the pedigree in fact it can certify it. The request for the document must be made at theItalian National Feline Association, Anfi.

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