Freshening of the mother yeast

Freshening of the mother yeast: instructions for refresh the natural yeast and to use it in a thousand and more recipes.

Therefreshment of the mother yeastit is a necessary operation to feed ours"Criscito" and allow a further proliferation of the microorganisms that operate theleavening natural bread, pizza and other doughs.

To keep thesourdough"Alive", this must bepoweredperiodically. How to refresh the mother yeast? Very simple, just add to the water and flour.

Freshening of the mother yeast in steps

  1. Observation
    Look at thesourdoughin the fridge. What does it look like?
    If the superficial portion is particularly hard, remove it and sacrifice it.
  2. Measurement
    Take a scale and see how much yours weighsnatural yeast. Then weigh the same amount of a flour of your choice and half the weight measured in water.
  3. Mixing
    Add the same amount (by weight) of flour and 50% of water. Mix thoroughly until you get a new dough. You have finished therefreshment of the mother yeast.

One timerefreshed, the mother yeast will have doubled its weight and with the rising, it will increase considerably in volume.

Part of thenatural yeastrefreshed it can be used for your recipes, the remaining portion can be stored in the refrigerator as before.

How to store the mother yeast

If you are at your prime refreshment, don't worry, as seen, the procedure to follow is very simple. How to store the freshened sourdough? It will need to be squeezed into the bottom of a large enough glass jar and stored in the lower shelves of the refrigerator. The jar must not be closed hermetically, but rather "sealed" the surface in a soft way with transparent film pierced with a toothpick.

As stated, forpreserve the mother yeastyou will have to provide timely refreshments, even if you do not intend to prepare a leavened dough!

When should the mother yeast be refreshed?

There is no specific appointment! There are many factors that influence the activity of yeasts that proliferate in ourssourdough. A very small dough must be refreshed every week, while for larger ones it can go beyond 10 - 15 days.

Personally,refreshmentminenatural yeastevery week, when I prepare the dessert or the rustic on duty. I have a stick ofnatural yeastwith Manitoba flour that I use for desserts (the one in the photo below) and a stick of natural yeast made with stone-ground whole wheat flour that I use for the doughs of bread, pizza and various rustics.

For therecipesto prepare on the occasion ofrefreshmentsI recommend purchasing the book: "The sourdough. 64 illustrated recipes of bread, sweets and savory snacks“, Really well written and complete, with a new recipe to try every week for almost a year and a half. Furthermore, the same recipe can obtain a different character by substituting the recommended type of flour. Simple recipes with the refreshed mother yeastPizza With Mother Yeast - Bread with mother yeast

In the photo above, themother yeastfromfreshen upweighed 100 grams, so for therefreshmentI had to weigh 100 grams of flourmanitobaand only 50 ml of water. Of thesourdoughobtained, 100 grams was destined to the preparation of a good dessert and the rest returned to the fridge to increase in volume and prepare for the nextrefreshment.

In the long run, a stick ofmother yeastborn with white flour can be converted (after numerous refreshments) in sourdough of another flour. Varying the types of flour to use in the kitchen gives enormous satisfaction, to learn more I suggest you read the guide How to make flour at home.

Celiac disease and mother yeast: gluten intolerant people can find useful information on the page "gluten-free mother yeast ".

Themother yeastis an excellent ally in the kitchen. Of course, the rising times are much longer but the mixture obtained is lighter. The only precaution to be observed is that the mixture obtained must not be worked withrolling pinor other tools to roll out the dough. The dough must be worked strictly by hand so as not to mechanically "crush" the small air bubbles. Even to knead the base of sweets and pies, it would be better to avoid the use of food processors and the like: 10 minutes are enough to knead completely and obtain a loaf of 500 grams of flour and 100 grams of natural yeast.

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