Khorasan wheat, all the info

Khorasan wheat, all the info

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Khorasan wheat: cultivation in Italy, nutritional properties, recipes, advice on use and instructions for the self-production of kamut flour.

TheKhorasan wheat, botanically known asTriticum turgidum ssp. turanicumhas won a place of honor on the tables of Italians. It is appreciated for its nutritional properties and we immediately clarify that it is a product that contains gluten and therefore not suitable for celiacs.

Kamut flour, Khorasan wheat and nutritional properties

Therekamut flouris derived from the grinding ofKhorasan wheat, a precious cereal known for the production of an amber-colored flour with a delicately sweet flavor. The quality of the gluten contained inKhorasan wheatallows the production of excellent flours for making pasta at home without the need to add eggs or oil. ThereKhorasan wheat flourit is suitable for the preparation of recipes such as:

  • Focaccia
  • Pizzas
  • Fresh pasta
  • Dry pasta
  • Bread
  • Cookies
  • crepes
  • Various sweets and rustic products

The Khorasan wheatit has made space on the tables of Italians despite its high purchase costs. The high price of Kamut flour produced from the grinding of the varietyKhorasanit is dictated by several factors, primarily the low productivity of this grain. Modern grains return a higher yield in terms of harvest. The khorasanis a "superior quality" cereal, grown organically, never hybridized or genetically modified, and should be preferred to other flours for itsnutritional properties. For all nutritional properties (fats, calories, vitamins, minerals ...) I refer you to the page dedicated toKamut flour.

Why is Kamut flour sweeter and more delicate than other durum wheat flours?

These characteristics are related to the lower tannin content. The protein profile makes khorasan wheat very workable and softer. Overall, kamut flour is more delicate, sweeter than other durum wheat flours, so much so that it has a nutty aftertaste.

What is the difference between kamut flour and 00 flour?

If you have only recently approached the world of flour, it is likely that doubts arise about the origin and properties of the raw material. Let's say immediately that type 00 flour (double zero) is produced starting fromWheatwhile thekamut flouris produced with theKhorasan which is a durum wheat. To have more mastery on the subject, I suggest you read the articleDifference between soft wheat and durum wheat,you will immediately understand that kamut is the most popular durum wheat flour currently on the market.

Khorasan wheat in Italy

Almost all the fields cultivated in khorasan wheat they are found in the United States and Canada. The yields obtained during the experiments conducted in Europe did not return appreciable results and for this reason there are not many local crops (including Italy).

The surrender of theKhorasan wheatis equal to 1.1 - 1.3 tons of harvest per hectare cultivated, which with the Italian climate means a yield of about 1/3 compared to that obtained with other species of durum wheat. A dry climate is essential to obtain a good yield.

The brandKamutit is produced only in the United States and western Canada, hence, thekhorasan wheatit is exported to Asia and Europe. It is in Europe that 70% of the sales of theKhorasan wheatand Italy is the largest consumer worldwide.

TheKhorasan wheat cropsthey need a low level of precipitation and a very hot summer sun to allow the optimal ripening of the wheat. An excess of rainfall, especially towards the last phase of cultivation, can cause dramatic problems up to halving the harvest.

For the self-production of Khorasan wheat I refer you to the guide articleHow to make flour at home.

Recipes with Khorasan Wheat Frina

For the recipes, I refer you to the guides:

  • Kamut pizza, the instructions to make it great
  • Homemade Kamut bread, preferably handmade
  • How to make pasta at home, just follow the instructions using flour khorasan wheat.

Although it is difficult to find in food shops, there is no lack of it on the market dry pasta of kamut flour, an example are the Mezze Maniche Rigate di Grano Khorasan by De Cecco, produced starting from organic Korasan durum wheat.

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