Energy certification APE buildings

Energy certification APE buildings

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APE buildings energy certification: what changes with the new Energy performance certificate, where to download the software and news.

L'BEE, Energy performance certificate, before the introduction of the amendments to decree 63/2013, was calledACE(energy performance certificate). The substance is the same but today the EPA finally complies with EU rules with unified national and regional criteria.

The APE (certification once called ACE) is a document that certifies the energy characteristics of a building, an apartment or a home. It is an easy to understand control tool, which sees a heater similar to that ofenergy labelsof household appliances, the energy class is assigned based on the energy performance of the certified building.

What changes with the new APE energy certification

With the newAPE energy certificationFour tangible innovations are introduced on the Certificate model issued by the certifier.

1. Theenergy certification APE 2016, the energy classes of buildings go from seven to 10. If before the energy class of the building was chosen on a scale from A to G, today thecertifiercan choose from A4 (the best energy class) to G (the worst energy class).

2. The certifier is obliged to carry out at least one inspection at the property subject to theEnergy performance certificate.

3. Another difference between the EPA widespread up to now and the EPA 2016 (in force since October 2015) lies in the distinction of the proposals to improve energy efficiency. If until some time ago there was a box dedicated to "Recommendations" in the Energy Performance Certification, today the APE provides proposals to improve the energy efficiency of the building, distinguishing between major renovations and interventions energy requalification. The old paragraph of recommendations has been replaced with a more complete glossary where thecertifierwill have to enter information of an economic nature (how much is the investment to carry out the intervention) and in terms of subsidies (if there are tax incentives designed to economically facilitate the intervention).

4. The decree defines a sales and lease announcement scheme that standardizes the information on the energy quality of buildings, and establishes a national database of energy certificates (SIAPE).

Until today, before the introduction of the changes listed above, the information reported by theAPE energy certificationwere:

  • General information on the building
    - Certificate identification code
    - Validity (in general, theAPE energy certificationis valid for 10 years, except for restructuring)
    - Cadastral references
    - Building address
  • Global Energy Class of the building
  • Global and partial energy performance graph
    - CO2 emissions per year
    -Global energy performance
    -Energy performance for heating
    - Energy performance for the production of domestic hot water
  • Quality of the casing
  • Calculation methodologies adopted for thecertification
  • Recommendations, namely the types of interventions that can be supported to improve the energy efficiency of the certified building. The recommendations also indicate the energy performance that can be achieved with that type of intervention.
  • Global energy classification of the building using the scale from A to G.
  • Partial energy performance data for:
    -Cooling down
    - Domestic hot water
    - Possible use of renewable energy sources
  • Any notes and notes of the certifier
  • Information on the building
    -Year of construction
    -Useful area in m2
    - Dispersing surface
    -Type of construction….
  • Plants, i.e. the synthesis of the types of plants used for:
    -production of domestic hot water
    - possible renewable sources
    For each system, the year of installation, the nominal power, the type of fuel are marked ...
  • Project development and construction
    The architect and builder who oversaw the work is indicated.
  • Certifying subject
    The data of the certifier issuing the APE certificate.
  • Inspections
    The dates on which the certifying technician carried out his expertise in order to issue theAPE energy certification.

APE energy certification software

Until today, in theAPE certificationthe software used for the surveys also had to be marked. Enea has made the Docet Software available for drafting the APE (energy performance certificate) for existing residential buildings with an area of ​​less than 3,000 m2. The APE energy certification software can be downloaded from the official website:

APE certification, other news

The decree on the guidelines for the energy certification of buildings does not only modify the certificate model. Were introducedcalculation methodologies and the new minimum energy efficiency requirementsfor new buildings and for those undergoing renovation.

The decree reinforces the minimum energy standards for buildings undergoing renovation and those of new construction. This measure is in line with the EU objective "Nearly Zero Energy Buildings "provided for by Directive 2010/31 / EU.

The decree aims at operational and uniform application in all regions of Italy. A little more than a month after the decree came out, there are already several Regions of Italy that have adapted to the newenergy certification of buildings. The Regions that have promptly adapted to the national legislation onenergy certificationare: Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto, while Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo, Trento and Campania have announced a gradual adjustment on their official channels.

For more information, please refer to the page dedicated to new APE 2015.

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