Green Behaviors: The Civic App is Coming!

Green Behaviors: The Civic App is Coming!

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THE ecological behaviors, in addition to doing good for the environment, from now on they will also be rewarded, thanks to the new one Civic app, born from the intuition of a young Italian entrepreneur, Luca Delvecchio today engaged in the development of the project with Alessandro Tunno and a team of marketing and communication professionals.

Civic it is indeed a social game that rewards virtuous ecological behavior such as use of public transport, bike and car sharing, separate waste collection and purchase of eco-friendly products.

The monitoring of green behaviors takes place through a smartphone application that corresponds to subscribed users sums of virtual currency, to be spent within a circuit of green companies, or that have certified the adoption of low ecological impact production systems or, alternatively, donate to non-profit organizations for environmental defense.

Civic is thus able to generate benefits for four different subjects:

  • users who receive rewards and discounts
  • companies that can show their social responsibility while obtaining promotional visibility
  • non-profit organizations which are provided with an additional channel to promote and support projects with a high social impact
  • public administrations that have the opportunity to promote eco-sustainable behavior with benefits for the community and reduction of costs generated by pollution and behavior that is not in line with good sustainability practices.

To stimulate the ecological behaviors of members, in addition to assigning rewards in terms of discounts or donations to non-profit organizations, Civic provides individual and group game mechanisms, with the assignment of symbolic certifications typical of social games: badges, achievements and a ranking of city virtuosity on which users can compete with each other.

The Civic app also includes personalized calls to action, or missions aimed at individual players to achieve personal goals in terms of eco-responsible behavior.

The initiative will also involve LifeGate, a reference point in Italy for sustainable development, which will act as a partner, thanks to its 5 million contacts

Last year the Civic project also got a special mention as best social innovation project in the context of StartCup Milan Lombardy.

Civic's next goal before the official launch of the app is to recruit companies that provide prizes to repay the sustainable behavior of members by offering an important contribution to protecting the environment and, at the same time, promoting their brand in a virtuous way. .

Participation in the Civic project would be a factor that companies could include in their sustainability report, an increasingly important tool to report on the actions implemented to make their business as sustainable as possible or even better impact positively on the environment.

Numerous studies have also confirmed that over 70% of consumers are led to prefer brands that operate according to environmentally friendly principles for their purchases.

If you wishpreview the Civic app you can apply to become a beta tester using the appropriate electronic form at the bottom of the home page of the official site where you will also find many other additional information about the project.

Just provide your name, your email address and the type of smartphone you own.

Theinterested companies to receive more information for a possible participation in the project will insteadto write to the email address: [email protected]

To provide you with some additional preview on the Civic app that rewards yoursecological behaviors here are some screenshots:

The start screen of the Civic app is ideally divided into three areas

The Civic screen to automatically detect your trip or to check out after a predefined number of minutes

Statistics on the amount of CO2 saved thanks to the ecological behavior implemented

Some of the badges that can be obtained on Civic thanks to the ecological behaviors implemented

The travel diary with the kilometers traveled by public transport and by bicycle, CO2 saved and leaves earned

The screen with the virtuous ecological behaviors that the user can perform to earn experience points

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