How to polish wood

How to polish wood

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How to polish wood: instructions, grandmother's remedies and natural products used to polish wood.

Forpolish the woodyou can rely on natural products such as beeswax, turpentine and carnauba wax, among the grandmother's remedies we point out the use of a walnut. Let's see all the details.

If in conjunction with the work ofwood polishingdo you intend to eliminate scratches and scratches, I recommend you read the article:how to remove scratches from wood.

Grandma's remedies: polish the wood with a walnut

Not just natural remedies, howeverpolish the woodthere is no shortage of so-called "grandmother's remedies ":it would seem that rubbing a walnut (without its shell) on the wooden furniture to be refurbished can restore a shiny surface, this result would seem to be linked to the oil contained in the walnut itself.

Natural remedies for polishing wood: carnauba wax

It is obtained from the leaves of Copernicia prunifera, the botanical name of La Palma. Carnauba wax is very popular in many industries, from food to automotive. It is used for polish anything from foods towood, passing through the car bodies. In the food industry it is used to make confectionery products such as M & M's, Smarties, Tic Tac, Fruittella, Bigbabol, Mentos so shiny ... When it comes to polishing wood, it is often mixed with beeswax.

Natural remedies for polishing wood: turpentine

It is an oily vegetable product extracted from trees belonging to the division of pinophyta, plants commonly called conifers, therefore pine, fir, larch, spruce ... Turpentine helps to create a protective and shiny layer on the furniture or wood to be treated.

How to polish wood with beeswax

For all the properties and information on beeswax, please refer to the page:Beeswax.

Natural remedies to polish wood: shellac

In addition to waxes, forpolish the furnitureand wood in general, it is possible to use theshellac. Shellac can be applied with a brush although it is recommended to perform a careful finishing with a pad or wick.

Where to buy shellac? It can be purchased in shops specialized in the sale of products to restore furniture or online. For prices and other info, please refer to the page: Shellac on Amazon.

Shellac can be counted among the natural remedies because it is nothing more than an organic secretion produced by an insect, the Kerria lacquer. This insect lives in the forests of Assam and Thailand and its scaly secretions represent a malleable natural polymer with the same characteristics as a thermoplastic.

How to polish wood with waxes

On the market there is no shortage of specific products for polishing wood and wooden furniture. At the time of purchase, we advise you to prefer specific products for wood restoration rather than spray products that polish the wood only temporarily: many spray products passed off as "furniture-polish " are, in reality, simple detergents enriched with low percentages of beeswax, on the contrary, products for polish the wood they are based on natural waxes and have nothing to do with detergents.

Among the best products on the market we point out the "Cera del Restauratore ";a 740 gram jar of furniture polishing paste is offered on Amazon at a price of € 14.90 with free shipping. For additional information, please refer to the official product page:Veleca, protective beeswax for polishing wood and furniture.

What is the “Restorer's Wax” made of? It is a product based on beeswax, carnauba wax and pure turpentine. Pasta is ideal forpolish the woodand protect the furniture from wear and the signs of aging. It manages to restore a satin and glossy finish to old furniture.

With careful application, a surface film will be formed that can protect thefurnishingsfrom scratches and dust. The surface becomes waterproof and smooth to the touch.

How to use the wax to polish the wood?

For polish the furnitureand all its wooden properties, just apply a thin layer of restorer's wax and let it dry for about half an hour before wiping with a soft cloth. You can apply the wax with a wick or a pad and then polish after drying. After the drying time (about 20-30 minutes), the cloth should be passed with circular movements so as to homogeneously polish the entire surface of the wood.

Those who want to perform a glossy finish can take advantage of the mix of natural waxes "Restorer's wax " passing a thicker layer of pasta. In this case the drying times increase to 10 - 12 hours. The polishing phase will not end with a soft cloth but with a skein of very fine steel wool to be used delicately. The more drying times increase, the harder and more resistant the protective film (with glossy finish) will remain on the surface.

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