Cultivation of thyme, instructions

Cultivation of thyme, instructions

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How to grow thyme: suggestions for the cultivation of thyme in pots or in the open field.

The thyme, botanically known as Thymus vulgaris, is a perennial herbaceous plant that grows up to 30 cm in height with tortuous and woody stems and a square section, very branched so that in the home garden it can be grown as bushes. There cultivation of thyme it is possible both in the garden and in pots.

Thethymeit is native to the temperate areas of Europe, it thrives well with the Mediterranean climate and is therefore easily cultivated in our country, especially in warm areas with little rainfall.

Thyme cultivation: exposure and soil

For the grow thyme, you just need to prepare a light, draining and calcareous soil; the thyme it grows well in a sunny position. Avoid grow thyme if the soil of your garden has an acid pH and especially for the cultivation in pots, choose a specific soil or one that is light and with a slightly alkaline pH.

It grows well in arid and sunny places, between rocks and gravels therefore itscultivationit is also possible for those who have arock garden.

It does not fear the cold, frost or the scorching heat so it does not need special care.

Sow thyme or thyme cutting

Therecultivation of thymecan start fromcuttingor fromsowing. The ideal period for sowing (in a protected environment) falls between the end of March and the beginning of April. Sow in a box filled with soil and peat. When the seedlings are sufficiently developed (between July and August), transfer them to the pot or garden.

The right time for thecultivation of thymestarting from the cutting it falls between the months of March, April, May or September and October.

For the cultivation of thyme in potschoose a container with a diameter of about 27 - 30 cm.

Prune the thyme

Therepruningit is a fundamental operation for those who choose thecultivation in pots. As mentioned above, thyme tends to grow into bushes so it is necessary to prune the plant by cutting off all dry and fragile branches. For pruning it will be necessary to make a clean and oblique cut, using a disinfected and well-sharpened shear. The best time forprune the thymefalls between March and May.

For advice and instructions on the cultivation of thyme, please refer to the guide article "How to grow thymewith instructions on:

  • Sowing the thyme.
  • The cultivation of thyme in pots.
  • The planting of thyme.
  • The cutting of the thymus.

Thyme cultivation

Thethymeit can be grown for ornamental use (the plant blooms and is particularly fragrant), for food use (the thyme can be eaten fresh or dried in the kitchen), for pharmacological and cosmetic use (different compounds used industrially are produced from the thyme) or for applications in aromatherapy: a popular essential oil is extracted from thyme.

There cultivation of thyme gives generous yields in terms of essential oil produced. Thyme essential oil is extracted by steam distillation. With a cultivation of one thousand square meters, 5 - 6 liters of thyme essential oil can be obtained. Does a thousand square meters seem excessive to you? If this yield does not seem interesting to you, know that to produce the same amount of essential oil, when it comes to lemon balm, chamomile or helichrysum, an entire hectare of land is needed.

Among the most interesting active ingredients contained in the thymefigure thymol, a natural antiseptic used for the production ofListerine(mouthwash) and hand disinfectants. L'thyme essential oilhas proven to be effective against various fungi, so much so that it is considered an ancient natural remedy to combat the classic mycosis of the toenails. For all information on its properties, please refer to the dedicated page "Essential oil of thyme".

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