How to remove lines from the parquet

How to remove lines from the parquet: instructions, advice and all the suggestions for eliminating scratches and lines from laminated wood flooring and the finest parquet, even if painted or with satin finishes.

For eliminate lines and scratches very extensive, the recommended solution involves the use of a sander or sandpaper of different grains and lots of elbow grease. In the case of very extensive lines and scratches, it is advisable to remove the affected strip and sand at first with thick sandpaper and then with a very fine and delicate grain (320 grain) until the lines are completely removed and until a smooth and clean surface. If the parquet it is made of natural wood without any finish, you can apply a thick layer of liquid wax for parquet and then sand again and remove the excess wax.

On the contrary, in the case of varnished parquet, the surface of the strip will have to be coated with the appropriate parquet paint. A good varnish for the scratched parquet treatment is offered on Amazon at a price of 28,40 euros with free shipping costs. After applying the paint for parquet, let it dry for at least 12 hours and, before stepping on the strip again, wait at least 24 hours to be sure that the surface layer of paint has perfectly adhered to the wooden strip. To pass the paint on the parquet use a flat brush.

For all the information on the product, I refer you to the "official Amazon page".

It is not recommended to paint the parquet without removing the strip because the operation would be much more complicated. Those who just would not know how to disassemble the strip can work directly on the floor but only after having covered and protected (with foam rubber tape) all the neighboring strips.

Parquet repair kit to remove lines and scratches

On the market there are special kits made with waxes and applicators. The waxes fill the thickness of the line, restoring a homogeneous surface both to the touch and to the waist. The only contraindication is that it is not always easy to find the right shade for your wax parquet. It is true that the market offers are many but it is equally true that they now exist parquet of countless colors, shades and finishes. When purchasing, make sure you take the wax stick of the shade closest to that of the parquet to be repaired.

The image above shows a "parquet repair kit" proposed by Amazon at a price of € 49.95 with free shipping. These are wax correctors of different shades, supplied with an electric applicator (works with three batteries included in the price) and a spatula that will help you to spread the wax layer and cover thelineor thescratch. It is designed for parquet and laminate floors but can also be used to repair the wooden jambs of doors and windows or the structures of wooden chairs and tables. It offers resistant and long-lasting repairs and with the right application can cover even the most extensive lines. The kit includes 15 shades of different waxes.

There is no shortage of spray products on the market to remove scratches from the parquet but these are ineffective in case of scratches or scratches just deeper. Spray products on the market, in general, are based on beeswax and white spirit and fill the hole by taking part of the paint already present on the strip. Be careful when using these products because they risk dulling the parquet! If you are considering using such a product, before trying your hand at parquet repair test its effects by spraying it in a hidden corner of the house or on an old piece of furniture.

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