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Famous cats

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Famous cats, but really famous because they entered history as special cats. Not VIP and VIP cats, famous cats from them, VIP cats to be honored or have been friends with is an honor.

An example that I like very much, will be for my affinity with trains, is Tama, the stationmaster cat of Kishi Station, on the Kishigawa Line. This, among the famous cats, is one of the most particular and rich in primates. Yes, because Tama in addition to being the first cat hired as a stationmaster was also, albeit as a cat, the prima donna employed in reaching a managerial position in the company.

Did it take a cat to break through the blue roof? This story of famous cats tells so. There was Toshiko Koyama who managed the 'informal' kishi railway station, then came the cut of the staff and our Tama who was already wandering around cheering the passengers and making them a variant in the waits, was adopted and then hired.

In 2007 it became one stationmaster cat, officially to welcome passengers to Kishi in exchange for generous rations of cat food offered by the company. They are just stories from famous cats, immediately, because the fame of Tama has increased the traffic in the station and the cat received the promotion after only a year: here she is 'Super stationmaster', complete with a personal 'office' obtained from a ticket office.

In 2009, like all famous cats worthy of being told, Tama had in her honor a train decorated with drawings that portrayed her and then became the protagonist of a documentary and an episode of Must Love Cats on Animal Planet. Unfortunately he left us, Tama, on 22 June 2015, with the well-deserved qualification of 'Honorable Stationmaster for Eternity'.

Among the famous cats that are a little extravagant there is Mrs. Chippy. Its strangeness, the first, is already in the name: it is called "Mrs" but it is a male cat. A tabby cat to be precise, the one that accompanied Ernest Shackleton in the shipment Endurance in Antarctica.

We are in the years 1914-1917, years since famous cats, in order to have an experience like this. Mrs Chippy had entered the expedition thanks to the ship's carpenter, to whom it owes its name. The excuse was having to keep the rats that populated the ship at bay.

When the Endurance could no longer navigate the cat was killed but its memory, like gods other famous cats, it remained in the hearts of all the participants and, post mortem, all the necessary honors were paid to it. Post-death, yes ... this also happens to famous cats, to become famous without knowing it.

After the station and the adventure ship, we go to the library to discover another god famous cats to tell and remember. Dewey Readmore Books he lived and became almost the symbol of Spencer Public Library (Iowa).

Died in 2006, he was already a well known and loved presence, so much so that his life inspired the book "Me and Dewey: the story of the library cat that moved the world", written by Spencer librarian Vicki Myron and published in 2008. I bet this title is selling like hot cakes in that American library, but not only. It is a story of famous cats literally from a novel.

From books we move on to TV and social networks, an area in which among the famous cats we find Tardar Sauce, nicknamed Grumpy Cat. It literally translates to Pouting Cat and taking him to the famous cat club was his particular facial expression.

His mistress, Tabatha Bundensen, has repeatedly explained that it is a consequence of the feline dwarfism of which he is affected. It all started with a photo of him posted on Reddit by his brother: the case of the sulky cat started, it took hold, even cluttering up TV and newspapers hungry for famous cats and in 2015 it was even announced that a wax figure with the face of Grumpy Cat at the Madame Tussauds museum in San Francisco.

Let alone then, as never for others famous cats, the flood of gadgets such as t-shirts and mugs, plush toys inspired by Grumpy Cat, an iced coffee and the official video game. There is also an official book, fresh from publication, the 2014 calendar and in 2016 a comic miniseries will arrive. Not all famous cats have had this huge following and merchandising.Oscar not at all, for example. And he was a ship cat who served in both the German and British navies during the second World War: certainly not a career to laugh at, indeed, for a cat, almost unique. Yet he is not among the most remembered among the famous cats.

He was saved from the British Navy in 1941, and remained in service throughout the war, then moved ashore in Gibraltar and then rested in Belfast. A well-deserved rest that Oscar enjoyed until 1955. A position from famous cats then it is that of the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.

It translates "Head of the Rat Hunter for the Cabinet OfficeAnd is in practice the domestic cat of the UK Prime Minister. Among the famous cats, to be clear, he is the one residing at 10 Downing Street. This is a charge, i famous cats so far they have only covered it Humphrey, Sybil and Larry, employed in British government departments for hunting mice since the reign of Henry VIII. To conclude, after this roundup of famous cats, I venture to say that even if cats dream, they are good.

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