Wooden watches and glasses

Wooden watches and glasses

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Wooden watches and glasses are the Kerbholtz proposal for those who want to stand out with two design accessories made with a material, wood, whose strengths are being rediscovered, thanks also to the new processing techniques: lightness, resistance, practicality and absence of contraindications for who is allergic to some metals.

The idea for this line of products was born during a trip to South America by Matthias and Moritz, the two founding partners of the Kerbholtz brand, where they discovered the incredible number of possible uses of the wood chosen by local artisans as a material to make products and objects of common use.

Contrary to what many might think the increase in demand for wood as a material for making products, if the manufacturing companies behave ethically, choosing wood from sustainable forests, ensures an important contribution to the environment as it motivates local populations to conserve the forests from which to draw the precious material rather than clearing the land to start alternative crops.

For every pair of glasses sold, Kerbholz offers a donation to finance reforestation projects helping to preserve this fundamental resource of our planet.

The wooden watches and glasses products by Kerbholz are treated with a special lacquer that protects them from water and skin sweat, making the material more and more authentic and with veins that change over time in a completely natural and personalized way, while maintaining the properties of resistance and efficiency .

The only possible maintenance intervention that can be taken for Kerbholz wood watches and glasses, to enhance the brightness of the material is the application of special products based on beeswax.

The wooden watches and glasses are available in multiple designs, suitable for both men and women and in multiple colors.

To see the complete range and possibly order online, you can visit the area dedicated to wooden watches and glasses by Zalando.

Here is another example of a wooden watch dedicated to a female clientele, the Adelheid model.

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