Supplements for cats

Supplements for cats

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Supplements for cats, even they, so independent and proud, may need it. In a moment of growth, during pregnancy or immediately after, or when they are a little elderly. For example, even seasons with a "dancing" climate may require the use of supplements for cats.

Better to know, as good masters, the panorama and the offer, and also become masters of this instrument. For cure at best our animal.

The use of supplements for cats most of the time it serves to make up for certain nutritional deficiencies and to benefit from it are cats that follow a home diet, pregnant cats, puppies or the elderly.

The supplements for cats they can also be useful during breastfeeding, when a richer diet is needed. If in gestation the contribution of supplements for cats must be in proteins, then when our cat has to breastfeed, what is needed are the mineral salts and we have to change the type, turning to those based on amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

For a kitten who wants to thrive, the supplements for cats recommended are those of calcium and phosphorus which act by strengthening the bones, for the elderly feline, on the other hand, it must go to act on Health problems different.

On the ailments of age, for example, on kidney failure and digestive difficulties to be countered with supplements for cats which prevent the absorption of phosphorus (P) in the intestine.

These are the life stages in which it is most commonly used supplements for cats, always consulting a veterinarian, never by chance or hearsay. Almost worse. There are also circumstances in the life of a cat that may suggest the use of supplements for cats regardless of age.

For any age and physiological condition there are and are recommended supplements for cats, the veterinarian often recommends it for example in case of loss and dryness of the hair or dullness and depigmentation of the coat. If there is peeling of the skin or a difficult and prolonged moult, or even in case of alterations and skin irritations in the cat. The supplements for cats they also act when liver dysfunctions emerge.

Even in the face of the evidence of the symptoms mentioned, it is always necessary to ask for the advice of the veterinarian who, better than us, and many untitled counselors, can indicate supplements for cats best, for the occasion and also for our cat, by visiting him and analyzing his staff health state.

It is true that the supplements for cats which contain vitamins, minerals and specific amino acids can be a panacea to keep the hair and skin in the best possible way, or improve the shine of the coat or assist the biological functionality of the animal, but a priori it is necessary that the diet is balanced.

Even knowing they are there supplements for cats rich in benefits, it is essential that our cat follows a top quality, varied and choice diet. It would be optimal to alternate wet food (the cans) to some crunchy, as long as it is free of flour and cereals. In this way you can make him vary his diet and make sure nutritional principles it needs.

A fundamental element for the health of the cat is the taurine, amino acid present in red meats: a diet that is deficient, for example, can lead to blindness and dilation of the heart. If the foods we use do not contain it, it is necessary, asking the veterinarian, to resort to supplements for specific cats.

Also important for feline health vitamins of group B, present in large quantities in yeast and useful for their hepatoprotective action and stimulation of liver function. If they don't come "on your plate," you need to supply them with supplements for cats recommended by experienced veterinarians.

And then there are the famous Omega 3 (epa and dha), much cited also for human old age, and that we also need it in the feline age. For example, because they are able to calm irritation and itching and encourage the growth of a shiny coat. Among supplements for cats possible in this condition is theoil of pesthere is which goes to act for the joint well-being and cardiovascular, to increase the health of the skin, kidneys, heart and immune system.

Then there are supplements for cats which often contain probiotics, glucosamine, antioxidants and enzymes. We focus on the latest, perhaps less known. But they offer numerous health benefits for our pet. The enzymes are substances produced by the pancreas and allow people and pets to digest food and absorb all the nutrients contained in it.

We think above all of fruit and vegetables. The supplements for cats with enzymes in the light of all this, they can be advised in case of cats that swallow hairballs with subsequent chronic irritation. Or when they have inflammatory bowel disease, or acute diarrhea.

Even if our pet suffers from allergies, in addition to the decided drug program, we can also draw supplements for cats, similarly also for problems such as arthritis or after surgery. Supplements for cats with enzymes they are able to accelerate recovery times.

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