Lemon caviar, care and where to buy it

Lemon caviar, care and where to buy it

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Lemon caviar: cultivation, characteristics and where to buy it. All information onCitrus Faustrime and Citrus australasica, citrus fruits ofvegetable caviar.

Thelemon caviarcomes from Australia and yourscultivationit is also possible with local soil and climate. THElemons caviarthey are appreciated for their characteristic pulp which, in fact, resemblescaviar: it is made up of numerous and small translucent and crunchy vesicles with a rounded / oval shape. The color of the vegetable caviar of the speciesCitrus Faustrime and Citrus australasicait ranges from a more vibrant pink to a straw yellow.

From Australia, to introduce thelemon caviarin Europe they have been some famouschefwho have used their pulp for the preparation of sophisticated dishes. Just like the tiny spheres of caviar, the vesicles of thelemon caviar"Explode in the mouth" making you savor a sour and strongly aromatic taste.How to use lemon caviar in cooking? This ingredient is perfect to accompany seafood salads and fish dishes, to prepare vegan canapés and to decorate spoon desserts.

Thelemon caviarit can be stored in the freezer: the frost leaves the flavor unaltered and in the case ofCitrus australasicamakes the color of the pulp more intense.

How to grow lemon caviar

Thelemon caviarhas only appeared in Italy a few years ago, it can be grown both in open fields and in pots and its fruits can color gardens, terraces and balconies. Pot cultivation is possible throughout the peninsula but remains the only choice for those who live in Northern Italy and in mountain areas: like all citrus fruits, even thelemon caviarit does not resist frosts well so in winter, in the central-northern regions, it needs to be sheltered from the cold.

For thegrow lemon caviarin areas with a cold climate, arrange a winter shelter. Remove the pots with the plants in unheated and bright rooms, the ideal would be a veranda facing South. If the frosts are not excessive, you can cover the foliage of the lemon caviar with non-woven fabric and cover the pot with insulating material, to protect the roots, you can spread mulch on the ground. All the instructions on the cultivation of lemon caviar are available in the articles dedicated to how to grow citrus fruits (to learn more: how to grow citrus in pots); the needs of the lemon caviar are no different from those of the citrus plants that we have been used to cultivate for centuries.

The speciesCitrus australasica it blooms 2-3 times starting from March. The Citrus faustrime species blooms repeatedly from March to November. During the flowering period, remember to be generous with watering. Always during flowering it is advisable to fertilize with products rich in potassium in order to facilitate the formation of fruits.

The flowers are not as delicate as those of the orange and the common lemon and the transition from flower to fruit is very rapid: it only takes a few days to see a flower streaked with pink transformed into a smallfinger lime. Yep, thelemon caviarit is also known asfinger limefor the similarity of its shape to that of a finger. The fruit appears elongated and narrow, 6-7 cm long and 2 - 2.5 cm in diameter. The color of the fruit can change according to sun exposure and temperatures: in the south, for example, the peel takes on more intense colors and the pulp has brighter shades.

Where to buy lemon caviar plants

Finger lime, vegetable caviar, lemon caviar - here's where to buy it

Who wants to start a smallcultivation of vegetable caviar (lemon caviar or finger lime) will have to work a little to find the plants: at the moment it is not easy to find them on the market, so arm yourself with patience and get ready to go round several nurserymen before returning home with a plant on board. A good alternative is buying and selling online.

The price of an already well-developed plant of Citrus Australasica is not cheap but it is still accessible: Vivai La Georgiche offer the Citrus Australasica plant at a price of about 60 euros including shipping costs for remote sales. Anyone wishing to buy a Citrus Australasica plant can complete the order on the safest e-commerce portal on the web: Amazon. For product information, I refer you to the official page: Citrus Australasica - Lemon Caviar. The plant will be delivered to your home in a pot with a diameter of 20 centimeters.

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